Delorme Earthmate App Review

Delorme Earthmate App Review

Editor: Colorado Jake

Just the Facts:
The Complete GPS Navigation Solution for Smartphones and Tablets
Earthmate is a mobile, full-featured GPS navigation app that’s as unlimited as your adventures! As the best value in mobile GPS apps, Earthmate comes complete with unlimited access to all North America topographic maps for storage on your device, unlimited cloud storage of all your data, unlimited online routes and waypoint planning, and much more!
Cell service not required. Maps are downloaded to your device for access anywhere, anytime.
Includes North America Topo Maps, Public Lands, and U.S. NOAA Charts
Online Trip Planning
Route Navigation and Waypoints
High-detail GPS Trip Logging
Location Sharing and Tracking
Unlimited Maps and Cloud Storage
Designed for iOS (7.0 and later) and Android (4.0 and later) mobile devices


My Story:
Since switching to the Delorme inReach SE communicator and their Earthmate app. I have been a very happy camper this year. I have been using the app with my Galaxy S5 active phone for 9 months. After a few learning curves. I’m using this app as my primary GPS unit.

Yes, most newer phones are “true gps” devices. I had a hard time believing this but after several months of use in very remote “zero coverage” areas. It truly and very accurately acquires your Lat and Long. The key with this app is downloading the specific region you’re traveling to on wifi before your trip. Then, in the field you have awesome, very accurate, and beautiful looking maps on your phone (trails, topo, satalite images). The downloads are free and you’re only limited by you storage capacity.

I’m just starting to play with the pay version of Earthmate app that give private and public information. So far, in Colorado it’s working well. Again, I don’t have much time with this feature so still use my Onxmaps chip and Garmin gps when private property is a critical issue. I feel confident that in a few months of testing. I’ll drop the GPS and just use my phone. I’ll probably try the OnXmaps new 3.0 app to compare the two.

Again, Delorme has hit another home run with this app. The inReach devices is clutch in keeping my wife happy and hunting partners in the loop. The Earthmate app has been great and is my main navigating software. With free downloads and detailed maps, you’ll be thanking me you gave it a try. My only wish is to do everything from my phone and drop device all together but until that is possible it’s the next best thing.

You nailed it Delorme, this is a BUY!!

  • Functionality
  • Value