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CUSA TEA Review –

CUSA TEA is a Premium Instant Tea in seconds! Our Variety Pack is a perfect choice to sample all that Cusa Tea has to offer. You will receive two servings of each flavor, Organic English Breakfast, Organic Green, Organic Oolong, Mango Green, and Lemon Black. Simply tear open the tea-stick, pour it into an empty 12-14oz cup, add warm or hot water, and watch your tea dissolve.  To make iced tea, dissolve the tea with a small amount of warm water, then add cold water and ice. You can never over-steep this tea.  You will get a perfect cup every time.  




My Story:


I love tea and I was super jazzed to find this great little option for use tea drinkers. I was walking around the show floor at the 2017 Outdoor Retail show and stumbled across Cusa TEA. They had a small sample cup and so I took one and drank it down. Instant tea was not something expected to taste very good. Well, surprisingly I was very impressed and so I decided to chat with the booth folks and I left with a sample pack and a English Breakfast Tea to bring home. I was also shown that once you find a flavor you love it can be purchased as individual flavors as well.


This is instant tea, not imitation powder crap, this is actually tea! That is not a typo it truly is real tea. Ditch the bags and simply tear open the pouch, pour it into water, and unlike Bond’s martini it can be shaken or stirred. Anyway you make it you will be happy as it is going to taste great. Great, because you know, it is actually tea!

Once home I demolished the sample pack in my first week back in the office. I needed more so I arranged to have some two more sample packs sent out. I needed to have some other people in my group try the innovative tea drink and give me their opinions. The group was pleased!

I am an old fashion type and I have to say that my preference is the English Breakfast and the Lemon Black Tea. I like it both hot and cold. My wife liked the Mango Green and the Oolong. The rest of the group preferences were mixed but there was not a single packet of tea left after our annual Elk camp.

CUSA tea

This is tea for an active life style. All you need is water as these are just as delicious cold as they are hot. If you like it hot, make it that way. If you like it cold, make it that way. All it takes is water and a simple rip of the pouch and you are in business. If you are a tea fan I think you are going to really like this great instant tea. I have enjoyed it from the office to the mountain top and have been pleased at every sip. There is no sugar in this tea but I have found that a bit of adventure sweetens it up quite nicely. Get some Cusa TEA and get outside!

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What can be done better?

Nothing. Its tea and its simplicity is what makes it perfect.


5 Stars

  • Functionality
  • Value