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Ultra light, synthetic, the new Carnivore II game bag is innovative and uniquely constructed for the hardcore hunter who “takes the road less traveled.” If you backpack hunt this lightweight item is what you have been looking for to protect your big game meat from insects, dirt and debris. The innovative construction of these game bags allow for repeated use!

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My friends at Caribou Gear have done it again as they have made improvements to their original Carnivore game bag system that I raved about in a review over a year ago. By listening to their customers the Caribou Gear team as now added a larger tarp, tag, lock and game bag to enable hunters to haul out that monster bull elk when they get one!

This product has been designed for a special type of hunter, someone that is willing to go to the most isolated reaches of the country they are hunting to bring back game meat. Caribou Gear’s Carnivore II game bags are simple, lightweight, and easy to pack. This system is perfect for the remote backpack hunter in pursuit of trophy deer, sheep, goat or even larger game such as that giant bull elk! This meat only package contains 5 big game ID tags & locks, and 5 individual 21×24 game bags, along with a very convenient, enlarged 48×48 ground tarp, instructions and beneficial hints. Weighing in at only 9 oz, “The Carnivore II” is self-contained and packaged in a very durable, black strong storage bag.


For years, while guiding and backpack hunting in some of the meanest, most remote terrain of southern Utah I have had the opportunity to pack out a lot of big game meat on my back. During this time I’ve tried everything from pillow cases, garbage sacks, flower sacks, burlap sacks and numerous other game bags in my ongoing search for a ultra lightweight product that would protect the meat, protect my pack/clothing from blood, was compact, breathable, and would not tear or fall apart. After originally testing Caribou Gear’s Carnivore system and now the CARNIVOR II I know that I have found the perfect, compact product to meet my rigorous demands.

The fabric in the Carnivore’s game sack system looks like fine cotton and may feel like it but the material is definitely not cotton! I found that the properties in this material wick “away” the moisture from the raw meat that you are packing and is great for air flow and breathability. It also stops flies and small gnats from getting into your meat. This is critical if you are miles from your vehicle. Recently, our clients took a big ram, a trophy billy and two monster elk far from any roads and we used the Carnivore II game bag system extensively. I have always viewed the aspect of protecting our big game meat as being very important to me to prevent spoilage. I have also found that these sacks are very nice to wrap a cape in although they are stamped for “meat only,” so I better not recommend this use! ! ! They wash up stain free which is an incredible feature.
The bags in the Carnivore II system are large enough to pack all of the deboned meat off a big ram, mule deer buck or bull elk. The Carnivore bags were designed by a self–guided hunter who had personally experienced various hunts from the Southern Rockies to Alaska. Like all of us, he learned some valuable lessons by “trial and error.” After searching for the right fabric and design these bags were made to be ultra light, strong and very compact for the most discriminating, hardcore hunter!

Within the Carnivore II I utilized 5 big game bags with I.D. tags. The material is a custom nylon fabric that is stain resistant, washable and re-useable. This product was designed for the “never quit” hunter when packing lightweight means the difference between success and failure. The five game bags are designed with the same material (custom nylon fabric), the same reflective attachments, cord locks and for durability. Caribou Gear has also added a nice silk screened logo. (Meat Only) Please note that I really liked the reflective attachments so that I could shine a light on the game bag in the dark while hanging it from a tree to ensure that no rodents or larger animals were bothering the meat. These bags don’t seem to retain any foul smells, wash well and are reusable. I have even used the Carnivore game sacks to hang food and clothes in. They are extremely tough. Use your imagination and use them for many other things!

In the terrain and rugged country I hunt we bone all of our big game meat out. This method is always dependent of course upon our location and the size of the animal we are hunting. Once in a great while we are close enough to our truck to quarter up our game meat. I appreciate the fact that Caribou Gear has developed a product line that will suit the hunting needs of different individuals. If you backpack hunt as I do you can buy one product such as the Carnivore II that meets your unique situation, or you can purchase the complete line for all of your diverse hunting needs. At $54.95, the Carnivore II is a quality product well worth the price.

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Just top notch gear! perfect just like it is!

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