Canyon Coolers Prospector 103

Editor: Cory McLaughlin

Just the Facts:

Canyon Coolers Prospector Series 103qt-Sandstone

Canyon’s new flagship cooler, the Prospector, is built incredibly strong featuring a premium polyethylene RotoMolded fat walled shell filled with high-density foam. The Prospector rocks thicker walls then anyone else where it matters most: where your ice is sitting. This monster ice chest is virtually indestructible, it can easily take on the use and abuse of countless rapids, fishing trips or the rough waves of boating excursions in stride.

The Prospector ties down with 6 built-in tie down areas, accommodating the roughest seas, worst roads and wildest rivers you can throw at it. If that’s not enough, the Prospector also sports accommodating strap channels both over the top and underneath for super secure mounting like any true adventure box should have.
The completely recessed and protected latches, drain plugs and handles are super protected from rough handling, they avoid stray fishing line, and allow us to offer a lifetime warranty.

Often that ‘perfect’ spot on your rig doesn’t give you access to the drain plug. The Prospector defeats this problem – no longer do you have to wrestle the beast just to smash your hand into an impossibly small space. The Prospector comes with both a front and side no-lose drain plug, both fully recessed like our handles and EZCAM latches. Everything is protected and super functional.
Baskets don’t sound exciting, and so it was time to twist it up. This ice chest can accommodate up to 4 tiered baskets for the ultimate in expedition organization. Drop the basket on to the lower lip, and load it up, later when it’s time to reorganize just turn the basket 90 degrees and it fits into the top lip. Need a divider? The Prospector accommodates that, too. (Baskets are not included with your purchase.)
Compare to YETI
Front and side drain plug
3 lid latches and heavy contouring keeps the seal spot-on and resists warping
103 quart capacity, that’s 12% bigger then a Yeti 110
Weight: 39.5 lbs.
Great fit for marine applications
Fits the Aire 156 raft like money and just squeezes into a Aire143
Great for offshore sport fishing casting or scouting water

Outside: 18.56″ H x 37.5″ L x 21.25″ W (at the widest point)
Footprint at base: 36.98″ L x 17.98″ W
Set your raft frame opening to 20″ on center
37.5″ long below lip
18.75″ wide below lip
13″ high from lip to center of cooler
13.75″ high from lip to bottom of cooler end
Interior height:13.7″
Interior base: 13″ W x 31″ L
Interior at top: 15.5″ W x 32.25″ L

Beastly Insulation:
Huntsman High Density PU foam,
Walls: 2.76 – 2.99″ thick
Lid: 3” thick
Floor: Up to 2” thick

Huntsman High Density PU foam : Alabama
Polyethylene Shell: Thailand
Seal: New Jersey
Design: Flagstaff, Arizona
Company: family owned and based in Flagstaff, Arizona. A 7000′ high mountain town known for hunting, rafting, the Grand Canyon and a collection of great outdoorsey characters.

Lifetime (or 1 year commercial use)
Bear Certification: YES IGBC #5094

My Story:
The Canyon Coolers Prospector 103 is pretty dang impressive. The first thing you might notice is the sandy color. I love the color of this cooler! There is something to be said for a cooler that hides the dirt. Yes, I know that dirt does not have anything to do with functionality but I just like that I can’t see it. The UV resistant shell protects the 2.76-3’’ of insulating Huntsman High Density foam that is the pride and joy of this cooler. These two components pair up and do their job very well
The handles on The Prospector are ergonomic and feel comfortable in the hand. The rope is long enough that you can hold the cooler without feeling like you are over stretched. This makes moving the cooler a lot more comfortable though it can be a real bear as it holds 100lb’s of ice with ease and it certainly going to be best suited for team lifting.

canyon prospector cooler

The latches on this cooler are simply fantastic. I love that they are both strong and simple. They open with almost no effort and make accessing the cooler a real breeze.

canyon prospector cooler

One of the coolest things about this cooler is the molded cut out areas for straps. There are more than enough for just about any configuration. We are talking front, back, and sides, if you cannot find a way to secure this cooler you need to consider a new hobby.

You will also notice that there are areas for locking the cooler. This prevents theft of the cooler and its contents from both people and bears.
The basket and drain features are possibly the most unique and interesting of any cooler I have tested. The basket is seemingly standard until you turn it and realize that it can fit in the cooler two different ways allowing for change of depth.

canyon prospector cooler

The drain system is simply outstanding! The Prospector allows for draining from two separate drain plugs. They are organized in such a way as to allow for access in almost any situation.

canyon prospector cooler

The Prospector is backed by a Lifetime Warrantee against manufacture defects and workmanship. Aside from the polyethylene shell, which is made in Thailand, the Prospector is made in the USA. I really have grown to love this cooler and think it is a fantastic addition to any outdoorsman’s kit.
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What can be done better?
The only thing that I could see that could be done better is for this cooler to have been invented a few years earlier. I feel this this is a rock star among coolers. Sure, I think a bottle opener and standing pad would put it over the top but that does nothing to improve the functionality of the coolers true purpose. This cooler is absolutely worth a look.

I give the Prospector 103 a solid 5 stars.

  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability