Cabelas Hunter Bivouac

Editor: Tyson

Basic Description:

Cabelas Hunter Bivouac, one man tent

Just the Facts:

Very light weight, 3lb. 5oz

Easy set up

1,500mm waterproof rated coating with taped seams

Aluminum poles and stakes

Large Velcro vent window

Large arched door that opens in to an awning

Packs to 5‑1/2″ x 16″


This tent has made it through some pretty rough weather over the past two years. I was getting ready for an overnight trip on the weekend when at the last minute I decided to buy this tent.  It was actually on sale and I needed something fast.

After about 3 or 4 overnight trips, I packed up for one last trip that year. I decided I was going to go for 3 days. What a crazy 3 days that was. This tent handled 45mph gusts, continuous rain turning into 4 inches of snow the next morning. I felt very comfortable throughout the night. It defiantly held up to its waterproof clam. I would defiantly recommend this tent to be a three season tent. Although it held up fine with the little bit of snow there is not much room for a person and his gear to sleep inside the tent. All I can say is I was glad that I had an extra tarp just in case. It came in handy to cover my gear throughout the storm….since the tent has minimal space for you and your gear. Once concern I have with this tent, is in colder weather when you would like the vent window shut, to keep the warm air in, there is a lot of condensate that will build up on the walls and eventually start to pool up on the floor. That could cause some of the gear that is leaning against the sides to become wet throughout the night.  The only way I’ve found to avoid the condensate is to open the vent window.  This shouldn’t be a big deal except that it will only open from the outside.  That becomes pretty annoying in the middle of the night to have to get out of your tent to open the window.

This tent is great for the outdoorsman that is looking for a light weight, inexpensive and only an overnight summer trip. Other than a summer overnighter I would recommend looking for something that has just a bit more to offer.

What they could do better:

Fix the condensate issue

Make about 8 inches longer to hold a small amount of gear

Change the vent window to open from the inside instead of the outside

Cabelas Hunter Bivouac Review
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