Editor: John

Basic Description:

LED Tent Lantern

Just the Facts:

  • 5.7″x1.8″
  • 4 oz.
  • Runs for 250 hours on 4 AA batteries
  • Folding tri-leg base
  • Safe for hanging in tent or vehicle
  • One-year warranty


I have used this lantern twice: Once in a 2 man Marmot Tent, and once in a larger 4 man tent. In the 2 man tent the lantern performed actually quite well, I was pleasantly surprised. In the larger tent it was adequate as a night light, or to change your clothes. In the larger tent  you would not be able to read with the light unless you had it by your side.

I would consider this a 1-2 person light, that works great in a 1-3 man tent. If you want this to light up the family tent, it ain’t gonna do it.

This product is great for emergencies, etc.

In summary: Nice product, well built, great battery life. Just use it for 1-2 people in small spaces. I am glad I have one though! I think it is cool and works for my applications.

Brunton Glorb LED Lantern is a nice add to your gear list. Good gift!

What they could do better:

I think it is a $15 item, not $30.

Brunton Glorb LED Tent Lantern Review
  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability