Browning Phantom Hunting Blind Review

Editor: Mike

Basic Description of Item:

Keep animals oblivious to your presence in Browning’s Phantom Ground Blind. Silent-Trac 180° curtain-style window allows a 74″ panorama of infinite window configurations to match your viewing to your blind’s placement in the field. The same 180° also has a layer of shoot-through mesh to give you unmatched concealment. Durable 600-denier polyester fabric with blacked-out backing is supported by fiberglass poles with aluminum hubs. Unique door opening is easy to enter and exit through. Includes a padded, custom carry bag. Manufacturer’s lifetime warranty on all workmanship and material defects. Imported.
70″H x 59″W x 59″D.
Wt: 19.5 lbs.
Camo pattern: Realtree XTRA®.

Just the Facts:

• Silent-Trac 180° curtain-style window
• 74″ panorama of infinite window configurations
• A layer of shoot-through mesh to give you unmatched concealment
• Durable 600-denier polyester fabric with blacked-out backing
• Supported by fiberglass poles with aluminum hubs
• Unique door opening is easy to enter and exit through

My Story:
I have become a fan of hunting for game out of a ground blind. This affinity for blind hunting began with a Turkey hunt in central Utah, and then spilled over to several big game hunts in Utah and Wyoming.
I spend much of my hunting time with bow in hand, and lets face it, sitting and waiting seems more productive than still hunting. A hunter has a couple of options when waiting for game to come near a hunter: tree stands, sitting in the open, or sitting in some kind of blind.
I have created my own blinds on many occasions, however over the last couple of years I have chosen to spend a day hiking in with a ground blind, and hunting out of them.
Many people ask me: So can they see you in the blind, do they still scent you while in the blind, and do they really not see the blind and believe it is shrubbery?
Let me answer these questions for you:

1: Animals cannot see you in the blind if: You dress dark, and keep the back windows closed, so animals cannot see clear through it. The black background looks like a hole, and animals, and people just cannot see into the blind. It also helps conceal a great deal of movement. This allows you to draw a bow, get a gun ready, etc without being detected.
2: Does it cover up scent. NO, you still need to be very cautious on setting up your blind and account for the wind. It does help cover scent, but does NOT eliminate the need to play the wind in your favor.
3: Do animals see the blind. Maybe a little, but they get used to it very quickly. On a recent Antelope hunt I placed the blind on a Friday night, and by Saturday night the animals were completely accustom to it. Use a blind, they do not see them.


They Browning blind is one of the best blinds I have used. PERIOD. It is made of very durable material, it stood up to howling winds, snow, rain, and an elk running over it.
The pole system is easy to set up and take down. You just pull on the center of each section and whalla, you have a blind.
The blind comes with great shooting windows! They pull down to open, and slide to the side to get the mesh out of the way. They are just the best window and opening system out there.
The blind also comes with a skirt around the bottom that I have found very helpful. I cover it with dirt or rocks to keep out small animals, and to help hold it down.
Take a look at some of the animals we have on camera just 10 yard from our blind. They do not even loo k to wards the blind at all!

browning phantom blind
browning phantom blind


The Browning Phantom ground blind that we used came in a great camo pattern that blended in well during our spring archery Turkey Hunt, and our fall elk and deer hunt.
This is just a fantastic product that I highly recommend, the price, functionality, durability are perfect, well done Browning!

What they could do better:
This is just spot on! Nice work! Love this blind.

  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability