Bripe- Coffee Brew Pipe

Editor: Cory Mclaughlin

Just The Facts:

The complete kit includes:​
– The Bripe™ Coffee Brew Pipe™​
– Quad jet torch​
– Reusable variable filter​
– Thermometer​
– Carrying case​
– Coffee tube

bripe coffee pipe

My Story:
I have to be honest here and tell you that this thing looked to be the dumbest invention I had ever seen. I
put it in the same category as camouflaged golf balls. When I got the email about this product ahead of
the 2017 Outdoor Retail show I didn’t think much of it and quickly deleted it. It was out of my mind and
away from my thoughts, or so I thought. The problem was that it kept creeping back into my head.
People would ask me what the weirdest thing I heard about being at the show and the Bripe would pop
into my head. I could not get this thing to go away and so I did the only reasonable thing I could think of.
I contacted Bripe and set up a meeting because I had to see this thing first hand.
At OR I walked by the Bripe display every day and before I was able to meet with Tim, the inventor of
Bripe, I was able to see it glaring at me from the shelf. It haunted me and I wanted to hate it so badly but
it just would not leave my mind. My intrigue was like an addiction and the only way to satisfy it was to
get some firsthand knowledge of this crazy little device. When I was finally able to meet with Tim I was
so eager to see it that I felt a bit silly.
Tim is a big man, a big man with flowing white hair slightly resembling a professional wrestler. He
towered above me holding his Bripe in his hand and all I could think was that if he knew how much I
hated this thing he would kill me. Luckily, his jovial spirt was even larger than his stature and he sold me
on the Bripe after he spoke his first sentence. I needed a Bripe!
My Bripe arrived the day before a planned hiking trip and I was very excited to take it along. I needed to
test this bad bow out at home before I was going to add the weight so I bought some butane and filled
up the torch. The Bripe is filled with coffee and water and the torch brings it to 180 degrees. You then let
it cool to 140 and it’s ready to go! I had my first taste of Bripe coffee and it was like the first time I heard
Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing as I wanted to hold onto the feeling!

bripe coffee pipe

The taste is similar to a shot of espresso and it gives you that little buzz that only comes from a good shot of coffee. On the mountain It was not long before I was Briping in my tent.

I was Briping on the mountainside overlooking a smoke filled canyon.

bripe coffee pipe

Weeks later I was Briping on the dock while out chasing some Washington brook trout.

bripe coffee pipe

Briping is not just an outdoors activity, not by a long shot. I Briped in the office. I Briped in the meeting
rooms. I Briped in the coffee shop. It is now more than just a funny little tool it is a lifestyle! My name is
Cory and I am a Bripe-A-Holic! Man, it feels nice to get that off my chest. How could it be wrong when it
feels so Bripe?
Sadly my Briping was cut short as my torch went on the fritz. I was pretty bummed as I had planned to
take the Bripe to a friend gathering and show it off. So, what was a Briper to do? Well, a simple email to
the great Bripe folks and I had a replacement on its way immediately. So not only do they make a really
crazy cool little gadget they also have A+ customer service.
Briping is going to catch on. I believe you will soon see the magical copper devices on the tables of your
local coffee shops and hipster hang outs. Now, I am about the farthest thing there is from a hipster but
this is just the type of product that a hipster buys right after his sawdust and 2 stroke gas scented oil for
his $350 dollar flannel shirt and pointed toe shoes. The point is that we can all Bripe along! I am not a
hipster but I would gladly share a Bripe session with one because Bripe life transcends judgment. It begs
the question “Do you even Bripe bro?”
As you read this review I hope that it has made you smile. Writing about the Bripe is as enjoyable as
telling people about it which both pale in comparison to actually using it. This thing has really been a
blast for me to test and review. All kidding aside I really do love this little tool as it makes a great shot of

coffee when you need a little boost of energy. You will love the Bripe of that I am sure.
This to me is an absolutely perfect stocking stuffer or simple random gift to a family or friend. It truly
makes me smile every time I talk about it and I think you will as well. As Tim says “Bripe on!”

Find it Here:

What can be done better?
Well as I mentioned I had a failure of my torch. I was told that this was the first failure they had ever
encountered. I only bring it up as I would be remise not to mention it here in the case that it happens to
another. The only point of contention that I see with this product is the sticker shock. I feel it is a great
little tool and it has brought much joy into my life but the $84 price tag is a big obstacle for most of the
people that I have shared it with. Not sure if there is a way to change that but it would be nice to

5 stars given for innovation, functionality, and overall enjoyment of Bripe life. Bripe on!

  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability