Bog-Pod SB-2 Sportsman’s Shooting Bipod Review

Editor: John

Basic Description of Item:

Bog-Pod Shooting sticks / bipod is an aluminum extendable shooting bipod for hunting

Just the Facts:


Just the Facts for the bog-pod


The Bog-Pod Sportsman shooting bipod is a solid product that can be counted on to work in the field or at the range. The screw out legs are typical of several shooting bipods, but compared to the Stoney Point shooting bipod this is much more sturdy. I screwed the legs out to full length, and then pounded them on the ground with several SHARP blows. The legs stayed extended and did not retract like others do.

The top of the bog-pod has a rotating top, where the gun rests, this allows for easy and quick gun rotation, and give you the ability to stay on target when the target moves. The gun rest area is also made of a very firm rubber, that grips the gun well.

I also really liked the way the rubber feet connect to the legs, by screwing in. I have lost feet on other shooting sticks, but not these. 

The bipod weighs about the same as the competition.

Overall I found this to be a solid unit. It works well, looks good, and is a product that I would have confidence in if I was going hunting or shooting.

This pair of sticks is meant for sitting and kneeling.

Nice job bog-pod. Good product.



What they could do better:

Cannot really think of anything.








Bog-Pod SB-2 Sportsman's Shooting Bipod Review
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