Big Sky Bistro Coffee Press by Planetary Design

Editor: Johnny LeMaster

Just The Facts:

Weight: 6.4oz
Capacity: 16 fl. Oz
Material: Plastic body

My Story:
If you are anything like me, the people you have to interact with first thing in the morning thank you for having coffee first. Coffee is a part of my daily routine. I make a cup when I first open my eyes and drink it while I read the news to wake up. When I get to work I fire up the 42 cup percolator for the office we can all interact cordially after we imbibe. The problem with this system is because I make the coffee at work in such large quantity on we use coffee that can be purchased cheap and in large quantities.

big sky coffee press

I am not exactly a coffee snob, but I do appreciate good coffee and highly prefer it over coffee that comes in a metal can or plastic tub. Most days I find myself making a pot of quality coffee at home and bringing some to work in a travel mug. This works great for the first few hours of work. It keeps me from having to make do with the large batch coffee I make for the rest of the office while I get started with my day. After a few hours, when the coffee I have brought is long gone, I suck it up and start sipping on the liquid energy that is available, until now. Here is where the Big Sky Bistro coffee press by Planetary Design comes in.

Big Sky Bistro coffee press review

I brought the Big Sky Bistro Coffee Press with me to work to try out. I will be honest; I did not have high hopes for the coffee press. It was made of plastic, and didn’t look like it was going to be that great. I added my favorite coffee from home, filled it with hot water and let it sit for about five (5) minutes. I pushed the plunger down and tried to take a sip, it was way too hot to get more than a mere taste, but it was delicious. With the insulation in the mug I wasn’t really able to drink the elixir of life that was contained within for almost 30 minutes. After the first mug full was finished I made another to keep me going. After an hour sitting on my desk it was still quite warm. Not much is worse than the coffee you are drinking getting cold before you have had a chance to finish it. That should not be an issue with the Big Sky Bistro coffee press. I am sold on this press. It has now become a permanent part of my cubical.

Big Sky Bistro coffee press review

The lightweight construction, 6.4 oz., makes this ideal for taking backpacking or camping. It can easily be attached to the outside of your backpack, and the coffee grounds can even be stored inside the mug, so valuable room is not taken by this important addition to your gear. This has become a staple to my backpacking gear. It is easy to use, easy to clean, and makes good coffee.

Big Sky Bistro coffee press review

The product does exactly what it claims. It is light weight, insulated to keep the coffee warm, and the press works very efficiently capturing all of the grounds. I am very pleased with this product as I continue to use it. I may have to get a second one so I do not forget to bring it back to work with me after using in the field. The Big Sky Bistro coffee press has become a regularly used piece of equipment for me.

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What Could Be Done Better:
The only thing that I think could be done better would be if this was made out of metal. The plastic does well and keeps the cost down, but for durability under extended usage, metal would be preferred.
Overall I would give this product a 4.5 out of 5 stars.

  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability