Big Mamma Duck Call Review

Editor: Cory, Team Deadfowl

From the Manufacturer:
We have taken our original Big Mamma duck call and customized it to sound more like a live mallard! This duck call changes the game just as our Mr. Big II goose call did when we released it in 2012. The tone board has a special air channel groove in the tone board to help release reeds when moisture is prevalent. The groove creates an air bubble to put extra pressure on the bottom of the reeds when blown. We arent saying the call will never stick, but if it does start to stick, the air bubble will bust the reeds loose and clear out after one note. We have also drilled a hole in the insert of the call and created a “variable tone hole”. This gives the call a lot more range and can sound like up to 3 hen mallards by moving your fingers around like a musical instrument. The third modification is on top of the mouth piece. We have taken a heavy duty latex and placed it over 70% at the opening of mouth piece. This makes the air more pressurized when presented into the call. More pressure in the mouth piece makes the reeds break over easier with the same amount of air normally blown into the call. The constricted opening also helps keep the air hitting the reeds in a direct line, making it easier to operate. The Big Mamma II is different than any other duck call on the market. This call has be created for the open minded duck hunter looking to add a unique, life like sound to his lanyard. Each call is customized by hand from Big Sean himself. Each call is also tested with heavy moisture on the tone board to ensure a “non stick” performance before its shipped. Big Mamma II comes in Double reed only. Made in the USA and satisfaction guaranteed.

big mama

My Story:
The big mama two is unlike any call I have ever blown let alone seen. I was pretty apprehensive about it but like Sean said you have to keep an open mind. It took me a few minutes to get used to how the call felt and get my pressure right but once I got it I instantly fell in love with the call. You can make extremely realistic “DUCK” sounds with this call. It has the ability to be both load and soft and as I’m sure you duck hunters know that is an extremely useful feature as you can change calls without “changing calls”.

Does it freeze? Well with enough spit and dirt ALL calls will freeze. I can tell you that his call has stacked the deck against freezing by the use of a small air channel that runs the length of the tone board. This allows air to constantly flow under the reed and greatly reduces freezing. I tested this by literally spitting into the call and then blowing it. I then put it into the freezer and blew it while it was ice cold. I’m not going to lie and say I couldn’t freeze this call because I set out to do that. I made sure I did. But I had to put it through far more than “normal” conditions to do so. I can tell you that it out preformed several other high end acrylic calls that I tested. Even after I was able to get this call to freeze a quick blow out of the reeds and it was back in action.

The call feels great, It blows great, and comes from a guy who stands by his product. It is new and innovative and it may even become the next big thing in the world of duck calls. This call has the ability to do it all making that big lanyard of yours a little overkill. If you are a serious duck hunter and have not stepped up into the world of acrylic calls now is the time. Why not start with the newest and most innovative call on the market? I can tell you that this call will not only set you apart from your buddies in the blind it will kill ducks! So, I guess it goes without saying that after my review I am in love with this call and would recommend it to anybody who is looking for the “next best” thing in calls.

What can be done better?

This call is great it is made of the highest quality materials available. It may be a little difficult for a beginner to use but that is no fault of the call. As we all know practice makes perfect. The latex that covers the call will wear out before the acrylic and therefore will have to be replaced. How often is dependent on use and abuse. It would be nice to see a few more replacement covers with the call. All in all it is a high end call with some proven features. The new and innovative aspects of the design place this call into a class of its own and it truly is a great call.

Big Mamma Duck Call Review
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