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Basic Description
We spent the last year evaluating the top shooting sticks / bi-pods on the market. We used:
Snipepod, Stoney Point, Bog Pod, and Eastman. We LOVE all of these products, and had a hard time determining our favorite.
It is our feeling that the 2 clear leaders were, Snipepod, and Bog-Pod

During this year our editor team hunted: Utah Elk, Utah Deer, Wyoming Antelope, Utah Desert Sheep, California Bear, Bison, Idaho Bighorn Sheep, Colorado Deer, and a few other Big and Small Game animals. We also spent countless hours at the range shooting and preparing for all of that hunting.
It was a busy fun year!

During the seasons we were able to try many different products!
We focused several guys on testing out some of the shooting sticks / bi-pods on the market.
We formulated some criteria, and then kept track of Pros and Cons for each shooting stick. You can read about the pros and cons, and the individual reviews in our Cool Gear section.

We came away thinking all of the products we used were adequate, reliable, and we would feel comfortable using any of them on our hunts, however one product stood out…the SNIPEPOD.

Why do we feel like it differentiated itself from the others:
-Weight, the Snipepod is so light that you really do not consider it when you are adding up the total weight in your pack.
-Availability, The Snipepod connects to your gun, gets out of the way, but is THERE when you are ready to deploy and shoot.
-Speed, pull the velco, and deploy, nothing is faster to get ready.
-Accuracy, we felt that the Snipepod did not alter our shot at all, and gave us outstanding stability!
-Quality, this thing is an engineering beauty, well built durable, and smooth.

So great job Mr Kramer, we are a believer! The SnipePod is the Editors Choice and the winner of this years Shooting Sticks shoot out.

SnipePod Shoot Out Winner 2011

Best shooting Sticks, Best Hunting bi-pod, Snipepod
  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability