Benelli SuperNova Shotgun Review

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Just the Facts:
At the heart of this new pump gun is a lightweight steel skeleton framework over-molded with a high-tech polymer, making the new SuperNova super-light, super-strong and almost completely impervious to any weather condition. But the SuperNova isn’t just tough on the outside. With its dual-action bars and two-lug rotary bolt head that locks up steel to steel inside the barrel, the SuperNova is rock solid to the core.

We have been using 2 Super Nova Benelli Shotguns for 5 or 6 years. We use them primarily for waterfowl, in the FOUL weather.
I can honestly say that in all of the abusive situation I have had the gun in, it has NEVER miss-fed, or miss-fired once, that is very impressive.
I mostly use these guns out of our duck boat, so you can imagine the abuse that they receive. We generally keep them in light gun cases and just set them in the bottom of the boat. My gun has fallen in the water, has been frozen solid, it has been dropped in mud, and it continues to be ROCK SOLID.
I use 3 inch bullets for waterfowl, and 2 3/4 for skeet. It cycles both of these rounds flawlessly.
The gun shoulders very well, even when I am loaded down with cold weather clothing. The gun is very well balanced, and I feel I can swing it well, keeping it on target.
This gun is not pretty, but it just flat out works.
This gun is also quite inexpensive, and for a $400 or under shotgun, I would choose it or the Remington 870.
When I am headed out into the crappy muddy weather, I always pick up my Benelli Nova, it just works.

What they could do better:
For this price, nothing.

Benelli SuperNova Pump Shotgun Review
  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability

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