BadLands Mirage Tent Review

Editor: Mike

Basic Description of Item:

Back Packing 2 person Tent by BadLands. Good for 3 season outings. Good for 2 people with gear.

Editor: Mike

Just the Facts:

Weight Breakdown
Tent Body 1 Lb 11 Oz
Tent Fly 1 Lb 13oz
Aluminium Poles 1 Lb 1 Oz
Tent Stakes 5 Oz
Foot Print 11 Oz
Compression Sack 3 Oz

mirage tent

Hypalon Reinforced Seams And Stress Points.
T-6061 Aluma-Light Poles
Self Venting Rain Fly YKK Zippers Throughout
Matching Foot Print For Ultimate Protection

The Story:

A tent, especially a back packing tent, is a piece of equipment that I do not take many chances with. It is a vital cog, an important piece in your hunting and back packing outings. Why? It keeps your clothes dry, it keeps your food dry, it keeps your sleeping gear dry, and it is your CASA for days on end in the outdoors.

I have been using the BadLands Mirage tent for about 3 months. I took possession of the tent towards the end of hunting season in Utah, about October, and have used it off and on throughout the late fall and winter.

I was able to use the mirage on a couple of scouting trips into some pretty nasty country, and in a variety of conditions. My first trip was close to home, and a relatively short hike. The weather was warm, but not hot. I was glad to have a tent that breathed well, since I was packing a -30 degree sleeping bag. The moisture from my body was significant. The venting system of the tent handled this well, and I had very little build up of moisture on the inside.

My second trip was a little further and more gear was needed. I was thrilled that the tent was so small, and was able to stuff it into my 7200 CU back pack with all the other items. The weight of the tent is a little high, but I prefer a great compact tent with a good rainfly over a little more weight.
On this trip it did rain off and on, but no problem. I was able to keep dry with this tent.
I did utilize the vestibule for my pack, and my boots. I love a good size vestibule, and this tent met my expectations. I always want a vestibule that I can fit 2 packs under, and I could do this easily with the Mirage BadLands tent.

Overall I have found this tent to be an outstanding 2 person back packing tent. It is ideal for 2 season outing!

What I also LOVE about the BadLands Mirage tent. You can buy with absolute confidence that if anything goes wrong, or if anything just bugs you, NO WORRIES, BadLands will take care of it for you! They have the best warranty period!


I have found the BadLands tent to have everything I need in a back packing tent and more:
-It has a great netting design that allows for venting in 3 season situations
-The rain cover hangs low, and keeps all moisture out of the inside during storms
-The tent is easy easy easy to set up and use. Getting in and out is easy with the large zipper side door.
-The high tub design of the base keeps bugs, moisture, and other crap out of your tent.
-It is compact and takes up very little space in my back pack, less space than several of the competitors 3 person tents.

What they could do better:
-Look at shaving a little weight
-Get the word out, this is a buy!

BadLands Mirage Tent Review
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