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Just the Facts:

The new Backpack Trail Light is stabilized by your body’s torso, and whether you place it on your backpack shoulder strap, your Bino-system or clip it into your shirt pocket you have a hands-free, lightweight, and convenient light at the ready 24/7.  Whether you’re hiking the back country trails, fishing, camping, setting up camp, or just reading a book in your tent, the Trail Light is perfect for every outdoorsman and family members.


The great people at Crooked Horn Outfitters, , were good enough to send us a couple of their new Trail Lights. We have had them for a couple of weeks now and have been very impressed.

The Light clips on about anywhere you want to clip it, and then adjust to point light in 1 or 2 directions. I am not sure how many Lumens this light is, but I am assuming it is about 20.

I used the light last week on a steep, rocky trail that I like to hike. I took off at about 6pm, or 30 minutes after sunset. I clipped the light on and took off. I kept both beams pointed down to the ground and felt that I had amply light to chug along in the dark. It was overcast so, it was DARK.

After hiking for about 30 minutes, I forgot the light was even there, and found I just marched on and did not worry about it.

After spending about an hour hiking, I decided to check out the multi direction capabilities of this light. I approached a decent size tree, and pretended that I was going to climb up it to place a stand. I was happy to find that I could point one beam upwards and adequately see the tree and limbs. This would really be helpful when climbing into a stand. I can aim one beam for my hands, and one for my feet. I can also focus on being safe, not worrying about juggling a flashlight.

The light comes with 2 batteries installed that sit in a little tray. The tray seems secure, and should not have any failures. This light is constructed well, thus we also gave this light a 5 rating for durability.

Crooked Horn also throws in a second set of batteries…I am confident that with the 2 sets of batteries a person could count on this light for 10-12 days of hiking.

Great job Crooked Horn, this is a very useful hiking, hunting, and outdoor tool!


What they could do better:

Give me one more clip direction.

Backpack Trail Light by Crooked Horn Review
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