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Basic Description:

ATLASWARE stainless steel flasks is an unbreakable, high quality flask (bottle) that is guaranteed to keep liquid hot for 18 hours and any liquid cold for 24 hours. These flask are designed by two scientists that utilizes the technology used in the wall of spacecraft to keep liquids cold or hot for extended periods of time. ATLASWARE flasks are perfect for use in the outdoors by hunters or by sports enthusiasts and school kids wherever you choose to take it.

The Facts:

ATLASWARE developed their revolutionary stainless steel flasks to keep liquids cold or hot for extended periods of time. The stainless steel used is of the highest quality and is hardened in the manufacturing process to withstand shocks or mechanical stress. In other words it is basically “unbreakable.” These bottles are designed with perfectly matching leak proof and thermal sealing characteristics to ensure that hot liquids will stay hot for an amazing 18 hours and cold liquids cold for 24 hours.

To achieve their goal of keeping hot and cold liquids for long periods of time ATLASWARE scientists designed a highly insulating layer in their ultralight flasks housed between two different layers of durable, high tensile stainless steel. When you feel the weight of these flasks you’ll understand the genius of the ATLASWARE flasks. If you have been searching for a bottle that will keep your liquids hot or cold for hours on end then ATLASWARE flasks will become a favorite necessity. No more freezing plastic water bottles or wrapping insulating material around hot liquid container to keep them warm. It should be noted that Atlasware is an I.S.O. certified company and conducted extensive, innovative research & development to arrive at manufacturing a product they and consumers would be satisfied with. The ATLASWARE flasks are a result they are proud of!

atlasware water bottle
atlasware water bottle


• Doublewalled
• Leak Proof, Shock Proof and Thrust Proof
• BPA Free Certified Grade
• Leak Proof and Thermal Sealing
• Scientifically Designed to Retain Heat For 18 Hour Or Cold for 24 Hours
• Preserves Flavor and Freshness
• Can Store Cold Carbonated Drinks
• Unique Design and Shape Perfect For Indoor or Outdoor Use
• Assorted Colors Including Camo For Hunters
• Flask Capacities Include 500 ml, 700 ml, 1000 ml and 1750 ml

Outstanding Performance In Cold Weather

Atlasware water bottle review
Atlasware water bottle review

My Story:

As an avid backpacker and long time wild sheep guide I have spent over 25 years in hiking and spending extended days living out on the mountain in very inhospitable terrain in both sweltering hot temperatures and bone chilling cold. It doesn’t matter whether you are backpacking or out on a casual hike you are always looking for high quality gear that is ultra lightweight. I don’t know how many times I’ve frozen electrolyte drinks in plastics bottles (dangerous because of the chemical leaching) to take with me in hot weather so that I had something cold to drink. Of course, the frozen liquid had melted within hours. Over the years there have also been many instances where I wanted to pack a hot thermos bottle on winter trips but it just didn’t make sense to carry the extra weight. Recently, while attending the Western Hunting Expo in Salt Lake City I stopped at the ATLASWARE booth to look at an assortment of what I thought were aluminum water bottles. I was surprised to discover that the ATLASWARE flasks were ultralight, revolutionary designed double walled high tensile stainless steel bottles built to keep hot liquids hot for 18 hours and cold liquids cold for 24 hours. Of course, I was skeptical but intriqued with the German scientist concept of utilizing a thin layer of insulating material used in space crafts between the double layers of stainless steel.

Looking at different sized flasks in various attractive bright colors, I told John Reese, the ATLASWARE CEO/USA that I preferred a camo colored flask in the two quart range that could be attached to the outside of my backpack. I couldn’t believe it when he showed me a “Kings Camo” 1750 ml camo flask that met my expectations. I was sold on the camo color, design and size but now I wanted to see if the ATLASWARE bottle could live up to its “billing.”

Atlasware Water Bottle
Atlasware Water Bottle

For the past 3 weeks I’ve taken my ATLASWARE bottle out on the mountain on extended hiking adventures. Honestly, my 1750 flask has performed much better than I expected. On a Javelina hunt in Arizona I filled it with a cold electrolyte drink and found it still cold when I attached it to the outside of my backpack after 24 hours. On various bitterly cold day hikes in the mountains of Utah I chose to fill it with hot soup or tea. I was amazed that late in the day I found the soup to still be boiling hot. In fact, on one trip, 24 hours later, I opened my ATLASWARE flask and found that my green tea was still very warm. I appreciate the fact that the flask is light to pack and after accidently knocking it off some ledges I found it basically “unbreakable.”

As a hunter or person who loves the outdoors I know you will love the ATLASWARE bottle. I’m sold on their quality and can find many different uses for the bottle. You can take it anywhere to keep liquids hot or cold – ballgames, the beach, school, etc. I’m amazed that over a million of the ATLASWARE flasks were sold in 6 months. The bottle does exactly what it says it can do and is incredibly reliable.

The bottles are expensive but you do get the cutting edge technology that you pay for. I have found some great sales on ATLASWARE flasks on the internet. You do need to be very cautious however in purchasing over the internet as there is a look-alike bottle that is imported from China and sold in South Africa and North America. Make sure that your flask is an Atlasware product. The name Atlasware is punched into the base and on the lid of the Atlasware flask. You can purchase the bottles in sizes of 500 ml, 700 ml, 1000 ml, or in the 1750 ml, and in an assortment of colors. Please note that ATLASWARE is revamping their website with new colors such as camo and should have it active next week!

John Reese of ATLASWARE/USA has an excellent video that you can watch at the following link on YouTube.

What They Could Do Better

ATLASWARE has came out with a great product. Hopefully, they are able to lower their prices as their product becomes better known.

As always, thanks for reading my reviews everyone. Good luck and continue to “keep your boots” warm for your next adventure out on the mountain.

ATLASWARE Stainless Steel Flask Review
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