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Basic Description:
The ASPECT SOLAR SUNSOCKET DUO-FLEX 2 SOLAR PANEL combined with the SUNSOCKET SB37 BATTERY PACK is small, portable and lightweight for its size yet this unique solar panel kit is powerful and very versatile. Featuring a design that allows for multiple configurations for catching the power of the sun, including vertical, horizontal, L-Shaped & V-Shaped, the convenient flexibility of the DUO-Flex2 panels makes capturing solar power more easy than ever before. Mountain hunters, recreationalists and backpackers should add this kits to their gear lists as a “mandatory item” to have.

aspect solar panels
aspect solar panels

In todays technical world it’s mandatory that we have the ability to keep our cell phones, tablets, etc, charged when we are away from the conveniences of power sources in our civilized world if we want to use them.

The portable Aspect Duo Flex2 Solar panel charger is not only designed to last but this kit is fully capable of powering smart phones, flashlights, GPS, tablets, and other electronic devices, etc, so they are functional far away from power sources. Lightweight and flexible, this solar panel will not let up due to poor weather. Don’t worry if you leave them out in that unexpected rainstorm, the DUO-Flex2 panels are weather resistant and designed to last. Importantly, they are both scratch & crack resistant. The scratch resistant design helps prevent harmful abrasions, which any other solar charger will severely degrade the charging power. Crack resistance not only helps prevent cracking from flexing, but also allows the panels to still be used. In the event of a crack the Aspect Solar trauma will still function with up to 3 of the panels damaged. With most other solar panels you will need to replace the entire unit for it to function.

By taking the SB-37A portable battery pack on any of your adventures you will gain the peace of mind that you have the “needed” power boost for your electronic devices. This fully portable battery pack has higher capacity, which means you have more charging ability at your fingertips. At full capacity, our SB-37 battery pack can charge your smart phone up to 7.5 times. Keep a boost handy for your electronics no matter where you go!
Aspect Solars Sunsocket featured in the Duo Flex2 is basically the solar powering device. There are two innovative features that make the Sunsocket stand out compared to other solar devices. First, everything you need to charge up your electronic devices is packed into a small, convenient carrying case, thus eliminating the need for any sort of exterior devices. Relatively light, it uses a lithium iron phosphate battery to extend life and save weight as opposed to heavy lead acid batteries.
Next, there’s the rather important feature of following the sun. Solar arrays have to stay in the sun as much as possible to function, of course, so sun-tracking is a useful feature to say the least.” With that said, it’s always useful to have a backup, which is what the SB-37 serves as. Obviously, it can be charged from solar panels, including Aspects, but you can also plug it into the wall to charge it up. It is also safe to haul aboard airplanes as a carry-on.”

PV Solar Panels
Rated Power 13W (±5%)
Cell Type Mono-crystalline Cells, 21.4% Efficiency… The Best Available

Output USB Micro (DC 5V 2.0A Max)
Cell Type Lithium-ion Polymer
Battery Capacity 10000mAh
Solar Charge Time 8-10 Hours
Input 5V 2.0A (Quick Charging)
Outputs 5V 2.1A, 5V 2.1A
Dimensions 4.9 x 2.3 x 0.6 in
Weight 7.7 oz
Dimensions Packed 12.6 x 6.9 x 1 in.
Rectangle Configuration 12.6 x 13.78 x 0.5 in.
Square Configuration 25.2 x 6.9 x 0.5 in.
Weight 23.2 oz.
Best Operating Temp. 14°F – 140°F
Weight: 1.5 lbs.
Price: $159.99

aspect solar panel
aspect solar panel


My Story:
As a Mountain Hunter, backpacker and long time wild sheep guide/outfitter I spend an incredible amount of time out on the mountain each year in some of the most isolated, rugged, high desert terrain that there is. In many instances, I am out in these areas for multiple days at a time. Having the ability to communicate with my cell phone or other electronic devices is imperative for safety issues. Without access to electrical power to keep my devices charged, etc, it can become a dangerous situation. I’ll be very honest, I depend on my Smart Phone when I’m out on an adventure whether it be for pictures, communication or to navigate with. If I don’t have cell service then I switch to my DeLorme InReach Explorer that I can use as a GPS, to text for communication or to send an SOS in case of an emergency via my satellite connection. If this device is low on power then I can convenienly charge it utilizing my Mico USB port featured on the Duo Flex2 Solar Panel or on the SB37 Battery Pack.

I’ve been extremely impressed with my Sunsocket Duo-Flex2 Solar Panel manufactured by a great and reliable company, Aspect Solar. Not only will this versatile solar panel/battery pack generate power for my mobile device and GPS Navigation systems but it will easily charge an LED headlamp with a Micro USB port. I’m always worried about weight and space in my backpack for the extended days that I spend out on the mountain and have found the Duo-Flex2 perfect in addressing the issues of weight as well as limited space. Weighing in at only 1.5 lbs. the convenient and protective carrying case is thin and will slide into any pack. Not only that, but the Aspect Solar Duo-Flex2 is weather and abrasion resistant and that is an extremely important feature in my mind. In many instances while I’m out in the field I will clip the Duo-Flex2 onto my backpack while hiking to charge. I also can leave it in camp attached to a tree or my tent without having to worry about a rain story or inclement weather ruining it.

aspect solar panel
aspect solar panel


I was amazed that the battery pack itself when fully charged, was able to charge my Smart Phone multiple times out in the field. Featuring several regular USB connections you do have the capability of charging another device at the very same time and if you choose to you can also be using the solar panels to retain the charge in your battery pack at the very same time. Outstanding feature.

Ok, here is how simple the Duo-Flex2 Functions as explained succinctly by the following Aspect Solar diagram.


Photovoltaic cells aka “PV cells” aka “solar cells” convert the energy from the sun into what we all commonly refer to as electricity. These cells are made of something called silicon, which is a semi-conductor. When the suns rays hit the solar cells, the energy is transferred from photons to loose electrons. An electric field forces these electrons to flow in a direction called a current.

Solar panels track the sun

Electricity is stored

Power your electronic devices

We can draw this current by placing metal contacts on each side of the solar cell. We then feed this electrical current directly to a battery to store the energy so that you can power or charge your electronic devices. This whole process is what makes up a “solar generator.” Our SunSocket™ solar generator takes it one step further by utilizing a proprietary sun-tracking system, which orients our solar cells to face directly to the sun, that maximizes the amount of energy converted from the sun throughout the day.


A solar generator is like a bucket of water with a tap. The water is the energy collected from sunlight. If the amount of energy collected from the sun is less than the amount of energy that is used to power your electronic devices, then you will run out of energy! It doesn’t matter how big the battery is in your solar generator if there isn’t enough energy to keep the battery charged.

This is exactly why the Aspect Solar Duo-Flex2 has become an invaluable piece of equipment that I always carry with me on any extended day adventures out on the mountain so that I have the capability of recharging my Smart Phone and other devices.
In my opinion purchasing the Aspect Solar Duo Flex2 for $159 is an incredible value for the functionality and quality that you get. Wow, I appreciate so much the fact that the Duo-Flex2 was designed to be weather, scratch and abrasion resistant. For someone who spends as much time as I do out in the field in some very rough terrain and conditions this is extremely important! Also, the critical details of designing the case/solar panels with loops and lightweight carabiners that you can attach the Duo-Flex2 to almost anything such as my backpack, tent, etc, at various angles so you can catch the suns rays are critical features.

Something very important for me with any company is its WARRANTY and RETURN POLICY.
*AspectSolar products sold for consumer use come with a five (5) year Limited Warranty. If there is a problem with your DUO FLEX2, you can email Aspect Solar at [email protected] or by calling 877-717-7778.

In regards to returns, if your order isn’t what you wanted or expected, they will accept returns from 30 days of the purchase date for a full refund. Products must be returned with all accessories and the original packaging.

If you are looking to get a great system to keep your electronics charged please check out Aspect Solar:
I highly recommend the purchase of this Solar Charger.

What They Could Do Better:

I appreciate Aspect Solar’s attention to detail in the design of their Duo- Flex2 and SB37 battery pack. I love this product. My only recommendation is to keep researching to find a way to reduce the weight of the battery pack yet not lose any of its current charging capabilities. Outstanding job Aspect Solar!

  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability