Aroma by Linkind

Editor: Johnny LeMaster

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Just the Facts:

With Aroma by Linkind, all the difficulties of pour-over coffee are handled automatically.  Now, you can achieve the American Coffee Association’s “Golden Cup Standard” with a breeze.  Never sacrifice quality for convenience again.

The Perfect Pour-Over Without the Fuss

  • Automatic Pour over.

Simulating a skilled barista pour over and simplifies your routine

  • Even Coffee Extraction

Precise timing and water to coffee ratio delivers impressive consistency and handcrafted flavor

  • Reusable Filter

Wire mesh filter.  No paper filters needed

  • Food Grade Certified Materials

Built with the same safe materials used in Baby Feeding Products

  • Sturdy, Compact, and Portable

Shatterproof material.  Bring extraordinary coffee with you anywhere

  • Easy Cleaning

Simply, rinse and set aside.  It’s that easy!

How Easy is it?

Just turn the brewer on and it will do the pour over for you.  All you have to do is sit back and relax.

Even is Everything.

Two rotating streams aitate the grounds during the pour.  This causes even saturation and extraction, making every sip the best sip.

Full Flavor, No Paper.

The reusable dripper uses an extra fine mesh filter to maintain the coffee’s natural oil, leaving nothing but rich, aromatic taste in your cup.

Anytime, Anywhere.

Enjoy a fresh, café-quality cup of coffee whenever you want, even when you’re traveling.  Battery operated, 2AAA’s make around 100 cups.

My Story:

Every day of my life is started and maintained by a significant amount of coffee.  The first thing I do in the morning is get the coffee brewing while I go about the rest of my wake-up routine.  When I get into the office, I fire up the 42-cup percolator so that everyone else can enjoy the black gold when they get in.  Most days I find myself at the percolator refueling a few times.  It is safe to say that a big part of what keeps me moving and motivated is caffeine, and my favorite way of getting it into my system is coffee.  This is why I am always interested in checking out new products that make my experience more enjoyable like the Aroma by Linkind.

Drinking a subpar generic coffee from a large quantity coffee percolator is not exactly my favorite thing.  When I make good coffee at home first thing in the morning, I always bring in a travel mug full to help me get through the initial push at the office in the morning.  I keep my own private stock of coffee and a French press at my desk so that when I have the time I can actually drink good brew though out the day instead of having to resort to the sludge that gets made to share though out the office.  When I received the Aroma, I was very excited for another simple to use way to make good coffee.  I immediately filled the reusable filter with some of my private supply of coffee grounds I keep at my desk, filled up my thermos from the instant hot water dispenser, and went searching for batteries.  The batteries were the hard part.  Of course, we had plenty of AA batteries lying around, but trying to find AAA’s was next to impossible.  I finally remembered that my flashlight runs on AAA’s, so I robbed it for my immediate needs.

I turned on the pour-over machine, poured the hot water into the hopper not exceeding the max fill line as recommended by the manufacturer, which equates to about one cup of water.  Sat back and watched the magic with fascination as my coffee began to brew.  Two observations I noticed immediately about this machine that have created a bit of mixed emotions for me.  To be fair the manufacturers recommendations do address both of the following items.  First, the reusable filter full of coffee grounds immediately backed up.  The finely ground coffee immediately became saturated, and the coffee over topped the grounds by close to a half inch.  At this point the coffee turned into a regular drip coffee instead of a pour over.  Linkind does recommend using medium ground coffee to address this issue, which with additional usage I found may not even be enough.  I had to use a medium to course ground coffee to get the true effects of a pour-over coffee without turning it into a brewed drip scenario again.  The second item was the amount you could make a time was fairly minimal for a consumer such as myself.  Linkind recommends not filling the water hopper above the max fill level for good reason.  If you are trying to make a larger quantity of coffee than the recommended amount you are going to end up with a highly diluted end product.  If you would like to have a full mug of pour-over coffee you will need to reload the filter with new grounds, and the hopper with new water and run the machine twice.

Once I got the grind of my coffee grounds dialed in for the Linkind Aroma, and came to terms with the fact that I was only going to have a small amount of delicious coffee made at a time I was very happy with how the Aroma performed.  The hopper on the machine rotates around the filter to evenly distribute the water over the top of the grounds agitating the grounds in two locations as it rotates.  One just barely offset from the center of the pourer, and one near the outside.  With the more course ground coffee, the water was able to seep through the grounds at approximately the same rate the water was being poured over the top.  Within minutes of starting the process I was able to enjoy a great pour-over cup of coffee.   There is no denying that you are going to make a better cup of coffee from the Aroma by Linkind then you are going to get out of your home brew drip machine or from you pod coffee machine.

After a little experimenting to get my method dialed in with the Linkind Aroma I am pleased with the machine.  It is great for the person on the go or the person that just wants to enjoy a better cup of coffee at home.  Sometimes in life things are about quality and not quantity, the Aroma give you that quality.  The Aroma has become a staple of my office life, getting used multiple times a week when I want to actually enjoy my coffee instead of just ingesting it.  If you like good coffee the Aroma is something you will want to check out.

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What Could Be Done Better:

This is a bit difficult.  I would love to see this machine be able to make about double the volume of coffee at a given time, but you would need to increase the size of the filter, which in turn would increase the size of the overall product making it less compact.

Secondly, I would make the holes in the bottom of the pourer hopper for the water a little smaller slowing down the rate of water being poured on the grounds.  This would allow for a slightly finer ground coffee that would in turn create a longer contact time on the grounds giving the coffee a richer more flavorful body.

  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability