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Basic Description:
The ALLETT ORIGINAL WALLET was built for quality, toughness, comfort, durability, adventure and style! Designed to be slim, yet big enough to fit important cards, cash and papers needed in a wallet, the Original is small enough to be slipped into your front or back pockets where it will go unnoticed whether you are out hiking, climbing, traveling or in a business meeting.

allett wallet review
allett wallet review

allett wallet review 1

ALLETT took the lead in designing wallet’s as they were the first to place card sleeves strategically, thus paving the road, so to speak for “original flexibility!” This simple innovation translated into a wallet that not only feels flexible in your pocket but also means that whether you choose to carry your wallet in the front or back pockets of your pants, shorts, etc, you will avoid the discomfort and pressure experienced with other, more bulky wallet designs. Patented by ALLETT, their unique pocket placement design determines how thick a wallet is designed before anything goes into it! The ALLETT “artisans adjusted the pocket placement in each of their quality, stylish wallets just enough to avoid the overlapping of too many seams that can cause bulk when carrying credit cards and cash. This patented side-by-side pocket design is the only way to craft a truly high capacity, paper-thin wallet.

By rubberizing their credit card pockets, each ALLETT wallet features Card Grip Security, so that when you accidentally drop or toss your wallet to someone, all cards will stay in their pockets without spilling out.

ALLETT also feature RFID Blocking Technology that protects you against credit card and identity theft. By designing an undetectable and nearly weightless US Military alloy lining built into their wallets RFID will guard and protect your personal information from being stolen electronically. This corrosion and wear resistant material blocks signals all the way up to 3,000 MHz. Amazing! You’ll find this feature in all ALLETT wallets marked with the RFID logo.

ALLETT’S thin leather wallets are made with top-quality nappa cowhide. This full grain leather highlights the true characteristics of the hide, thus allowing for the fiber’s natural strength to shine through. ALLETT’S leather is noted for its soft, supple feel and lasting durability. Instead of wearing out, the nappa leather in an ALLETT wallet will develop a patina over time. The grain is also breathable, producing less moisture and a faster dry time. Combined with Ultra Slim rip stop nylon, the thin cut of nappa leather creates a perfectly balanced wallet!

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• Men’s Slim Wallet
• Holds up to 24 cards with a divided cash and receipt pocket
• Made with nappa leather
• Ultra Slim nylon interior resists moisture
• Patented side-by-side pockets
• Rubber gripped card pockets
• Weight: 1.2 ounces
• Dimensions: 3¾” x 5″ x ¼” (9.5cm x 12.7cm x .6cm)
• Compatible with: American dollars, Singapore dollars, yen, won, Canadian dollars, Australian dollars, euros, pounds, Swiss francs, Malaysian ringgit, renminbi, and Philippine pesos


Although I spend a lot of my time as an outdoorsman out on the mountain backpacking, guiding, and hunting I also was an administrator for 40 years. I have used and worn out numerous wallets during this time and my biggest gripe has always been how bulky and uncomfortable those wallets were. It also did not seem that I could find a wallet that was small enough to fit all of my cards into such as Driver’s Licenses, Concealed Weapon permits, credit cards, etc, etc. Many of the wallets I used were not designed well nor made of quality leather, or vinyl. Recently, I came across a wallet on display at the Summer Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City that immediately caught my attention and met my expectations! ALLETT’S Original Leather wallet was slim, looked stylish, and was made from quality materials. I couldn’t believe it, but I was able to fit 14 cards into this wallet, cash and other items without it becoming bulky. In other words, it was designed to remain “thin.” I found it easy to slip this wallet into my back or front pocket or into a Sports Coat without the wallet felling heavy or bulky. I chose to go with the leather version of this wallet but it can also be purchased in a lightweight high quality rip stop nylon.

The everyday adventure wallet, ALLETT has constructed their leather versions of the Original out of a fine-grained Italian leather shell that wears extremely well without looking old and worn. By designing each wallet they make to be super thin with the same credit card capacity. At just 3 3/4″ x 5″ x 1/32″ inches (empty and closed) weighing only1.2 ounces, the ALLETT’S Original wallet remains slim due to the four card slots that can hold up to 5-7 credit cards.

Besides the four card slots, inside the Original you will find two cash slots, one for cash and the other for papers, receipts, etc.

The leather that the Original wallet is made from is noticeably soft, highlighted by a nylon interior featuring rubber gripped card pockets and fine stitching. All ALLETT wallets are known for their durability and toughness. When you open up your ALLETT’S Original wallet you will find two card slot pockets on either side where I can store various cards. Priced at around $35 the ALLETT Original is not only very inexpensive for the quality.

I’ve not only been impressed with how thin ALLETT’S Original wallet is but this company believes in manufacturing wallets for outdoorsman like myself as well as everyday people who believe in getting out there on the mountain or in visiting other incredible locations that Mother Nature has created for us! If you purchase an ALLETT wallet then you are not only supporting the discipline of an active, adventure type lifestyle but these wallets are also stylish enough for any activity in the city.

Made in America, ALLETT’S headquarters are based in San Diego, CA. I appreciate so much the “quality assurance” that ALLETT puts each and every one of their wallets through. These wallets must pass very rigid durability standards before being sold to the consumer as their demands for outstanding craftsmanship is without compromise. It should also be noted that ALLETT OFFERS free delivery and returns as well as a 3-YEAR WARRANTY! Now that is outstanding service!

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Pocket Distribution
Pocket placement determines how thick a wallet becomes before anything goes into it. ALLETT ensures the adjustment of the pocket placement in each of their wallets just enough to avoid the overlapping of too many seams. That way, there’s less build-up when carrying an overflow of cash and receipts. ALLETT’S patented side-by-side pocket design is the only way to craft a truly high capacity, paper-thin wallet.


allett wallet review 4Card Grip
Security in its slimmest and simplest form. ALLETT rubberizes their credit card pockets so that when you accidentally drop or toss your wallet, your cards stay secure in their pockets.

allett wallet review 5

RFID Blocking Technology
RFID blocking technology protects against credit card and identity theft. An undetectable and nearly weightless US Military alloy lining is built into our wallets and guards your personal information from being stolen electronically. This corrosion and wear resistant material blocks signals all the way up to 3,000 MHz. You’ll find it in our products marked with the RFID logo


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Material Technology
ALLETT’S Ultra Slim nylon is fast-drying and paper thin, but tough as nails. The cross-stitch pattern found in our material provides tear-resistant strength, long-lasting durability, and also resists moisture. So whether you’re out hiking a trail or sitting on your wallet everyday, our material will keep up.

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It should be noted that besides their best selling ORIGINAL wallet ALLETT offers and designs a variety of Sport, ID, Coin, and other thin wallets for both men and women. I highly recommend the purchase of an ALLETT wallet and encourage the readers of my review to visit he ALLETT website at

What They Can Do Better:

ALLETT is a quality wallet company I don’t have any recommendations for improvement. I love every detail of my Original ALLETT wallet, from the thin design to the card slots and leather. It is stylish yet noticeably tough. Great job ALLETT.

  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability