Wireless Meat Thermometer, Thermpro TP-11

Editor: Mike

Just the Facts:


300 ft range wireless receiver beeps and flashes when meat temperature reaches your programmed temperature
• Smart LCD Backlit Screen shows 3 different colors in reactions to different temperature it received
• Temperature range of probe: 15.8˚F to 482˚F (-9˚C to 250˚C), ±1.5°F/0.8°C accuracy
• The 4″ food grade stainless steel probe with step-down tip design to get temperature more precisely and quickly
• Cooking thermometer is programmed with preset temperatures for various cooking levels recommended by USDA – Program, ground beef, ground poultry, BEEF, VEAL, chicken, PORK, poultry, LAMB, FISH; All Preprogrammed Temperatures can be reprogrammed to set cooking temperatures to suit your personal taste


My Story:
It is winter in my neck of the woods! During the cold weather I hate running outside to check the temperature of the meat I am smoking or cooking! Especially in the winter. When I opening the lid the temperature drops 15 degrees!

Walla, welcome the ThermoPro remote temperature meat thermometer, with preset temp guides and alarms. This thing has been a life saver to me, and is so easy to use. No set up at all required!

My first experience with the Wireless Thermometer was during a smoking and cooking session of 3 racks of pork ribs. The instructions said to cook for 3-4 hours or until the temperature reached 165 degrees.
I just stuck the probe in, came in the house, watch the meter inside until it was done. YES, I love it.


The ThermoPro is easy, durable, and accurate. I have checked the accuracy against a number of other devices, and it seems to be spot on.

Great job ThermoPro, this thing works, and works and works. It is a great product, easy to use, and durable. We at call it a strong buy.


  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonimics
  • Durability