Walls® Vintage Duck Hooded Jacket
Editor: Cory McLaughlin

Just the Facts:

•The new Vintage Walls® collection starts with premium 10 oz. duck fabric that is sanded and stonewashed, creating a weathered “lived-in” look.
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•Rib-knit cuffs and waist band, 4 patch pockets; 2 with hand warmer feature, Zippered front map pocket, 2 interior patch pockets with security closures, 3-piece fleece lined hood with toggled drawstring, Buffalo printed Plaid Fleece lining
•10 oz. 100% Cotton Sanded Duck

walls vintage work coat
walls vintage work coat

Broken in for comfort, built to last through work and weekend. Fleece-lined with a durable sanded surface, this hooded mainstay wears with ease, back-hands cold air, and holds all the widgets you could want.

My Story:
Another camping trip has come and gone. Cold mornings washing up at the creek and sipping coffee from an old mug. A campfire bellowing smoke into the morning air as it devours logs and the sound of a maul splitting more fuel for the feast. While the warmth of the fire is nice the air still has a bite to it. What is a guy to do?
Walls has again answered the call with the Vintage Duck Hooded Jacket. This jacket is made with tough broken-in 10 oz. cotton. What this means is that this jacket offers instant comfort, much like the other items in the Vintage Line from Walls. The lining of this coat is made with warm and comfortable fleece and is simply a joy to have on. The fleece lined hood is a great addition and helps stave off the cold. The zippers flow well and feel durable.
I used this coat on several outings and a recent camping trip and found it to be more than satisfactory. This coat was very comfortable and very warm. It would be a great asset on the job or in the woods. The elastic cuffs help make sure unwanted cold air or sawdust stay out of the sleeves. The additional pockets are great for small items. I really like the way this coat feels in the shoulders and am a big fan of the vertical length.

walls vintage work coat review
walls vintage work coat review

walls vintage coat 3.gif

For all the positive I have to say about this coat, there is one thing that did bother me. Walls makes great products all the way around, but I almost always have issues with the sleeves being too short. I feel some redesign could really help this issue. I do however really like this coat and I am positive that I will be using it to its full potential.

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What can be done better?
This coat is fantastic and would be a great addition to any outdoorsman’s kit. It would also be a great coat for the jobsite. I found the common issue with most of the walls products that I have used is that the sleeves are a bit too short. This is an issue for me but not a deal breaker. You will be happy and comfortable with this purchase.

I give this product 4 stars based on the sleeve sizing issue.

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