Optic Nerve Vettron Polarized 

By Cory McLaughlin

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  Just the Facts:

The ingenuity of the Vettron is apparent in its unique aesthetic and unexpected functionality. We started with a retro-forward design and updated the geometry to sync with today’s trends. We then added innovative mechanics including a Gate Hinge system which allows the user to lift and unfold half of the frame to release the lens from the frame channel. The result not only nails the rapidly growing trail to tavern philosophy but pushes well beyond it.

Available in

  • Shiny Driftwood Green Frame – Polarized Smoke with Silver Flash Lens + Copper


  • Soft and hard case
  • Two sets of interchangeable lenses for variable light conditions


  • Unisex // Fits average face sizes 
  • Glare-cutting polarizedimpact resistant polycarbonate lenses
  • Hydrophobic lens coating to repel water, sweat, oil, and dust
  • Wire-core adjustable rubber nose bridge and non-slip rubber temple tips for               a secure fit
  • 100% UVA/UVB Protection
  • Limited lifetime warranty

California Proposition 65 Warning Information

My Story:

I am a sunglasses and hat kinda guy. If you see me out in public it is almost an absolute guarantee that I will have my hat and shades one. I wear sunglasses on rainy days or at the very least I have them with me. My eyes are very sensitive to light and while this is extremely annoying, it does give me the opportunity, by necessity, to use and test a wide variety of sunglasses. I am no stranger to Optic Nerve but I was to the Vettron.

As you may have gathered I am a sportsman. I spend a considerable amount of time outdoors and my crazy hobbies often take me straight from the office to the field. For this I require multi use gear. I want something that I can use for more than one purpose. When it comes to sunglasses I find myself shying away from the camo glasses as I want to look professional at work and have function in the field. Luckily the Optic Nerve Vettron Polarized sunglasses are built to do just that.

Many of my coworkers have asked me about my new shades as they were impressed by how nice they looked. When I told them about Optic Nerve most of them just looked at me with confusion. I enjoyed telling them about this great company and the awesome new shades I was rocking. I also loved to see how amazed they were when I told them these glasses are less than $100.

As I mentioned above my life is a bit crazy and mostly full of adventure. Because of this I have had the opportunity to use these glasses in just about every setting a person could imagine. I have been boating, hiking, swimming at the beach and pool, riding my motorcycle, softball tournaments, hunting and fishing all with the Vettron’s shielding my eyes from bright and harmful sunlight. I have used them extensively and I am loving them!

The Vettron sunglasses are not your typical shades, not by a long shot. The Vettron has the ability to quickly change lenses to match your specific needs. You want to go fishing and need a polarized lenses? It’s just as simple as popping open the half hinge and popping in a new lenses. Back to the ball park and you need a lighter color or non-polarized? Well, just pop out the current lenses and put in the new ones. It is really just that simple.

Some have said that they feel like the frame my break and they are not sure how long it will last when changing lenses often. Luckily Optic Nerve has a warranty that will cover you in the unlikely event that something does happen. Remember, they are designed to be interchangeable and Optic Nerve will stand by their product. They want your adventure to be awesome all the time!


Lastly, the Vettron glasses are comfortable. If you wear glasses as much as I do you know some of them can become uncomfortable and how annoying that can be. It’s never a good day when you have to constantly fight the desire to protect your eyes and live with discomfort or to throw caution to the wind because the glasses are unbearable. You will not have that issues with the Vettron. I freaking love how these glasses feel, so much so that I often forget they are on my face.

For the money I can’t see why anyone would not want to try these great glasses. It was a step out of my normal more sporty style glasses but it was a step in the right direction. I highly recommend these glasses to any that ask. 

Find them Here:

What can be done better?

Honestly, nothing. They do everything they say they will and feel amazing! I would not change anything about these glasses at this time.


5 stars for affordability and functionality. 

  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability