Sitka Ascent Hunting Pant Review

Editor Name: Ryan

Basic Description of Item:

Lightweight, breathable hunting and hiking pants

Just the Facts:
– Available in 32-42 inch waist in regular & tall lengths
– Polyester Lycra Blend, high count stretch polyester weave
– Fully gusseted for comfort and range of motion
– Brushed for silent finish
– Articulated knees
– Roll-up snap system for stream crossings


I picked up a pair of the Ascent pants a year ago and have since used them multiple times deer hunting, bear hunting, shed hunting & even fishing in the backcountry of Alaska. I own several other types of hunting pants, but I almost never use anything but the Ascent pants anymore. I prefer the Ascent pants because the fit & comfort is far superior to other pants I own. Much of the comfort is due to the multi-directional stretch fabric. I’m convinced I can hike further & faster because these pants never bind or restrict movement.

The Ascent pants are surprisingly tough & warmer than you would expect from a lightweight pant. I wear them over an insulating base layer when the temperature is below freezing. Although these pants are not waterproof, they are resistant to water & wind and do not absorb much water, which allows them to dry very quickly.

Due to their lightweight nature, I was a bit worried these pants wouldn’t be overly abrasion resistant. But I have not had any issues even after sliding down rocky hills, pushing thru thick brush & sitting countless hours on the ground while glassing. We rode horses 10 miles into the high country of Wyoming last year and stayed for 5 days. I wore the Ascent pants every day though varied temperatures & conditions. On warm days & during long hot hikes I used the rollup pant feature to basically turn them into shorts. I have also used this feature to cross streams as well & it is nice to not worry about you pants coming unrolled midstream.

Another unique features I really like is the strip of silicone type material on the inside of the inseam that keeps your shirt from coming untucked. It really works to keep unwanted skin from being exposed to cold drafts. The fabric is quiet & does not rip easily, even when caught on barbed wire during fence crossings.

In conclusion, the Sitka Ascent pants are a versatile, lightweight, quiet & extremely comfortable hunting pant. Although they aren’t what I wear for extremely wet or snowy conditions, they are my choice for virtually everything else.

What they could do better:
Reinforce the seat of the pants
Add additional Camo patterns
Lower the price

Sitka Ascent Hunting Pants Review
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  • Durability

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