Russell Outdoors™ APXg2™ Zephyr L3 Pant Review

Editor: John

Just the facts:

  • DWR (Durable Water Repellency) treatment
  • Multidirectional stretch fabric
  • Exceptionally breathable
  • Ideal for layering during high aerobic activity
  • Articulated knees for enhanced mobility

Basic Description:

The Zephyr L3 Pants are part of the APXg2™ line,  With this gear Russell Outdoors™ ushers in the next generation of innovative outdoor apparel, incorporating the best fabrics and the best technologies available today. From the full five-layer system to pieces that can be worn individually, APXg2™ apparel will keep you comfortable, warm, dry, and odor-free in nearly any weather condition. Mossy Oak® Treestand® Camo.


I have spent 10 days using the Zephyr L3 pants as I tracked and followed a group of large Bull Elk in Utah. We are in the winter months so the temperatures have ranged from -15 F up to 50 F.  I have used these pants mostly in snow, ankle deep up to knee deep, and also in areas covered in mud.  On most outing I have used them standalone, but on several occasions I have combined them with the Russell Light Weight Base Layer thermal underwear.

The Russell Zephyr pants have proved to withstand the elements quite well. I have not used gators with these pants as I usually would as I hiked in snow. I wanted to try out the claim that these pants were water proof. I am happy to report that I remained dry on my legs and did not get seepage into my boots as I used these pants in wet and snowy conditions.

I was also interested in the ability of these pants to flex with my legs, as I hiked. I wear Sitka Gear on occasion and have felt that the Ascent pants really flex with my movements and provided very little binding as I move. The Russell pants were OK in this area, but not as good as the Sitka Ascent pants. I felt the pant was very comfortable, but did not move with me as well as I would have liked. I really feel this is due to 2 things:  The pant is not overly stretchy, and the waist is TOO HIGH. I always felt I had too much room in the crotch, and constantly found myself pulling the pants up.

I was very pleased with the warmth and windproof nature of the Russell Zephyr pants. I remained very warm as I hiked in cold windy weather. I also found the pant to really wick away moisture effectively.

In summary:

The Zephyr L3 pant is certainly a notch above a generic cotton hunting pant. They hold out the weather very well. They are very comfortable, and are made of material that stretches and works with your body, not as well as some pants, but better than most.

I will be wearing these pants this fall on my early archery hunts. Nicely done Russell.

What they could do better:

-shorten the waist

-offer more camo

-improve the seams, we had one pair pull apart.

Russell Outdoors™ APXg2™ Zephyr L3 Pant Review
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  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability