Russell Gear Scent Stop Lightweight Base Layer Top Review
Editor: Mike

Basic Description of item:

Lightweight base layer camo shirt, meant for wear against or near skin.

Just the Facts:

Dri-Power® wicks moisture and transports it through the fabric away from the skin surface. The combination of Scent-Stop and Dri-Power® technologies are the hallmark of our L1 base layers.


I decided to check out Russell Gear earlier this year 2011. I had several WINTER trips that I wanted to go on, looking for sheds, hiking, scouting for next year, and just being outdoors in the Utah Winter. I felt the Russell base layer, if it did what it said it did, would be a great choice.

I have used the APXg2 base layer now on several hikes and scouting trips. The trip I took today was the most memorable and the best test for this shirt.

I started at the trail head at about 345 pm. I checked the temperature and found it to be 15 degrees. BRR. For this trip I was checking out the base layer shirt, but I had a full set of Russell clothes on: Base Layer Shirt, Base Layer long underwear, Scent Stop Pull over jacket, and the Russell Gear Level 3 Pants.

I had a steep 2 mile hiked planned. I knew that with the pack I had on, with the steepness of the hills, and the length of the hike, I would be sweating on the way up, and have wind in my face on the way down. This is the reason that I knew I HAD to have a wicking base layer. If I did not get that moisture away from my skin, it was going to be a COLD decent.

The base layer shirt is very comfortable, I like the material that it is made of. It allows you to pull a shirt over it with ease, the over shirt or jacket does not stick to the base layer shirt. The base layer shirt also has a nice mock turtle neck. I liked this set up and it really helped to keep my neck warm.

The hike began with a very steep first half mile, and I could tell my body was getting warm. I kept up a fast pace, because I was very interested in sweating.  I was not dissapointed and could tell I was beginning to produce some moisture. I kept the rapid pace until I had topped the first hill at 2 miles in. At this point I paused to look through the binos, and to pull out the spotting scope. I glassed up 8 different 6 point bull elk, that was fun. I stayed in this location for about 45 minutes.

I was pleased that I stayed warm and did not feel the chill that can come when you sweat,  and then the work stops. The moisture was not against my skin, the base layer had done it’s job! YES.

I decided I had given the shirt a good enough test and headed down the mountain. I found that I stayed warm even though I was now doing down hill into the wind, and not putting out many watts.

Overall  I was very very pleased with the entire set of clothing that I wore, but especially pleased with the Rusell Gear Lighweight base layer. It was comfortable, kept me warm, kept moisture away, and just looked and felt great.

Nice Job Russell! Watch for more reviews on the other Russell Gear.

What they could do better:

For me the mock turtle neck was a little tight.


What they could do better:

Russell Gear APXg2 ™ Scent-Stop ™ Lightweight Base Layer Top Review
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