Purnell Base Layer Leggings Review

Editor: Rebecca

Basic Description of Item:

From Purnell:

Purnell is made for those who live and work with passion. It’s for the movers, the makers, the innovators. You need clothes that keep up and still look sharp. Our apparel flows effortlessly with you from the place you get your hands dirty to the place you ink the deals or drink the beer — whatever your preference, we’re flexible

Whoever says base layers can’t offer both performance and fashion hasn’t met our Base Layer Leggings. We re-thought leggings from the inside out starting with performance by spinning our own blend of fabric for softness, flexibility, and warmth. Then we tackled fashion with our wide range of solids and prints worthy enough to be broadcast to the world. So if you hide them under an outer layer or show them off with a long shirt and boots, you’ll be glad you met these leggings.

Purnell Leggings
Purnell Leggings

Just the Facts:

Some key features of our Base Layer Leggings:
• High waist provides complete coverage even on the move
• Wicking properties draw moisture away from skin when active
• Breathable jacquard knit allows air flow
• Silicone softened for extra soft feel
• 83% poly / 13% viscose / 4% elastane
• Available in Solids & Prints

My Story:

I spent some time researching Purnell on the web before embarking on our mission of Using, Testing, and Reviewing any of their products.

I have to admit that I had an emotional connection with the company and their products before I ever took possession of them. This is risky, as it can cloud ones judgment.:)

What was so enamoring about Purnell?

They have roots in working hard and wearing what works when we work hard. They saw problems and went about solving those problems. They made products that worked and fixed issues. They want to make a product that multi use, and not for a specific purpose…I could go on. So, you can see me getting the products became very exciting for me. I was anxious to see if they lived up to the vision that was spelled out on their web page.

I took possession of the leggings in August of this year. August in my part of the world is HOT. Dark colored leggings in August??? No problem with the Purnell Base Layer Leggings. I found them to be very comfortable in the hot weather, they breathed so well, and kept me cool during the heat of the day. I recognized very early on that the Purnell Leggings were going to be an all season type of apparel, I am not sure how you feel about this, but I was thrilled

Summer faded and fall and then winter arrived. I am happy to say that I have been wearing the leggings at least 1 day a week for all of these season, and these dramatic changes in temperature and weather. That is COOL! A pair of leggings that work no matter the season, the weather or the temperature.

I have found the Purnell Leggings to be one of the most versatile garments I have ever owned. I am comfortable putting them on in the morning for a run, then looking fashionable as I head off to visit friends or to the store shopping.  I also am comfortable putting them on in the evening to head to a movie, and then lounging around in them until bed time.

The fit, comfort, and style of the Purnell Leggings really have no rival! They have held up to lots of use, and still look and feel fantastic.

The stitching is solids, and each seam looks new ever after months of use, and many cycles in the washing machine.

The Leggings have kept their shape, their great fit, and the material looks new even after so much use and abuse.

The Purnell Leggings are a perfect garment for the active woman. They are all day, all season and all use case SOUND! I can honestly say they are my favorite article of clothing!

The legging world is not lacking for options these days, you can get them about anywhere and for about any price. I would however challenge anyone to find a better fitting, better wearing, more comfortable, and better looking pair of leggings for any price.

What they could do better:

Purnell has the basics covered. I am anxious to see an expansion of colors and perhaps a diversified fit.

  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability