KUIU Gear Spindrift Jacket review

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Basic Description of Item
Light weight warm jacket. Perfect for packing, sleeping, and keeping you warm.

Just the Facts
• 13.5 Ounces
• Primaloft One Insulation-80 grams
• 40 Denier micro rip-stop 100% Polyester Fabric
• Breathable
• Lightweight
• Compressible and packable
• DWR-80 Wash

• Primaloft One Insulation

• Articulated elbows

Pocket Configuration
• Two hand pockets with #3 YKK zippers
• Hand Pocket becomes a stuff sack

I have used the KUIU Spindrift Jacket on 3 different hunts, for a total of about 12 days of use.
The best test I gave it was on a Sheep Hunt in the Salmon Mountains of Idaho. We hunted with Travis Bullock of Mile High Outfitters, Challis Idaho. What a stud, but that is a different story.
We were able to gain lots of elevation on this hunt using 4 wheelers, thankfully! We still had MASSIVE climbs to go on, all in shale. This was a good thing due to the fact that the hunter, Jerry Wolz, is 78 years old.
I used the jacket as a top layer during the very brisk rides into the area, on the 4 wheeler. I would then stuff, and I mean STUFF the jacket into a small pocket in my Eberlestock pack.
The jacket smashed down to a size equivelant to a 12 oz pop bottle, and at 13oz was not noticed.

When I got to the area to hunt, I again put the jacket on, as the wind was averaging 30 mph, and the temps were around 35. I was pleased to find that I was very comfortable with this jacket, and a light Merino Wool base layer shirt. So, a light shirt, and this jacket was all I needed in 35 degree weather, with HUGE wind.

I used the jacket on one of the nights as a warmer in my tent. The temps dipped a little, and I had a LIGHT bag. So I placed the coat on and wore it to bed. This worked very well, and I felt comfortable and warm.

This is an ideal Jacket for pack in situations. The coat will stay warm if damp, Primaloft, and is very light.
This is just a great addition to your hunting arsenal.
I could go on and on, but I think you get the drift.
The jacket did look a little rough after I washed it, so I do have some concerns on durability, but time will tell, and I will update as I wash and use more.
Great jacket, one of my favorite articles of clothing.

What they could do better:
-Weight vs durability is always a fight, Maybe beef this thing up a little. I am worried about tearing and washing.

Check out our video review of the KUIU Spindrift Jacket

Kuiu Gear Spindrift Jacket review
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  • Ergonomics
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