Kuhl Renegade Pant Review

I want to give a shout-out to Kuhl for their renegade pant. When a company comes into a competitive marketplace and delivers a superior product, you have to hand it to them for getting so many things right. This is one heck of a great pant! And, while I am no fashion czar, I have to say this pant is just well built, attractive, and distinct. You see it and you do one of those double takes, bringing you back for a second and a closer look.

Just the Facts:
Here are some details about the Kuhl Renegade pant:
• Tufflex™ fabric: 88% nylon, 12% spandex for 4-way stretch. 4.9 oz. per square yard fabric weight.
• Soft-shell fabric is UPF 40, wrinkle resistant, quick dry.
• Relaxed fit to accommodate athletic thighs and hips.
• Articulated knees + Gusseted Crotch = Freedom of Movement.
• KühlAir™ Vent System
• Double needle bar tacks at critical junctions for added reinforcement.
• Extra high-strength mesh pockets help keep you organized.
• Easy care: wash and wear.
• Tough as nails.
• Priced at about $80 –offered in several colors.

My Story:
My son put me onto these pants. He works in a Marketing department with lots of outdoor activities in the programming. When he first showed up in these, I thought, “hey, those are really neat looking pants.” When I questioned him about them, he said, “dad, these pants are the best pair of pants I have ever worn.” I knew I had to get a pair.
I bought a pair of the Kuhl Renegades and wore them several times over a two-month period. I did some mild activity in them, nothing too fierce. My son was right: I loved them! I hadn’t really planned on it, but I made the last minute decision to include the Kuhl Renegade pants on my week-long backpacking trip in the Rockies.
I spent my time above 10k feet, with lots of hiking, rock hopping, and getting wet and drying out. I just can’t say enough about how well these pants performed. First of all, they repel water very nicely. Second, when they get wet, they dry fast and without any chaffing. Third, they stretch and breath so well. The pockets are mesh and act like vents. I was working hard at times, loaded with a backpack, and I did not have any discomfort or problems resulting from rubbing, chaffing, or wear. They performed superbly throughout the trip.
Interestingly, I took in another pair of pants that I had sort of tagged as my “old favorites.” After the first couple of days , and having had time to compare the two pants, I ended up wearing the Kuhl Renegades for the last several days. I washed them in a high mountain stream one afternoon and was back wearing them within 20 minutes. If you ever find a better pant, I would like to know about it. This is seriously on of the best designed, most carefully thought-out articles of clothing that I have ever come across. I give it excellent marks in every single category of evaluation.

Kuhl Renegade hiking pant
Kuhl Renegade hiking pant

What They Could Do Better
These pants are so comfortable! They fit nicely (not too tight), and they stretch in every direction, giving you the feeling that no movement is restricted or unwanted. The material is a heavier weight than you find in many lightweight hiking/activity pants, and that only adds to the durability and protection factor, which I feel is superb. You would think that the heavier fabric would have tradeoffs, but not so. It breathed and vented well going over the strenuous switchbacks on the Continental Divide. It was warm and comfortable sitting around the campfire with temps in the high 30s. Great pair of pants, Kuhl!

  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability