First Lite Kanab Hunting Pants Review
New 2012 version

Editor: Mike

Basic Description:
100% Merino wool light weight pant.

Just the Facts:
• 100% superfine merino wool
• Lightweight woven rip stop construction
• Ultra breathable, silent with no shine or UV signature
• No Velcro or zippered pockets to reduce noise in the field
• Worn with included suspenders or belt (not included)
• Machine wash. Line dry


We were able to buy several pair of the NEW 2012 version of the Kanab First Lite Hunting pants before this year’s hunting season.
We had given First Lite some feedback about last year’s model and were hoping they would address our concerns, which were not significant. THEY DID in a big way.
The Kanab pants are made of 100% Merino wool on the outside, and have a nice soft liner in critical places on the inside. The pants come in a variety of camo patterns, or plain colors.
I recently wore the pants on several scouting trips in Utah, and on a Utah Archery Elk hunt.
I found the pants to be very very comfortable. They have moved the knee pouch higher on the pants, and now it fits perfectly, and really provides outstanding flex in the knee, and does NOT bind.
They pockets in these pants are great. The cargo pockets are a good size, the front pockets are deep, and stay closed well. The back pockets are closed with a short flap. This flap keeps your wallet or other content protected.
First Lite has added extra material to the butt and knee areas. This really makes the pant durable in those critical places.
On my hunting and scouting trip I have noticed that the pants breathe well. I hunted in 40 degree all the way to 80 degree weather. These pants kept me comfortable in this great temperature swing. Merino wool is the key. It breathes, wicks away moisture, and never stinks!
First Lite has hit a home run with these pants. They have taken feedback, and made them almost perfect.
In summary, we highly recommend the Kanab First Lite Pants. They are made well, work well, and are very comfortable. T
This pant will work in any weather! Hot, all the way to cold. Just add a light layer under them for the cold, and you are set.

Way to go First Lite, the new Kanab Pant is a WINNER.

What they could do better:
They are still too much money, get the price down and you are going to OWN the market.

First Lite Kanab Hunting Pants Review New 2012 version
  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability