FirstLite Llano base layer Merino Wool shirt


Editor: Mike

Basic Description of Item:

Camo Merino Wool hunting shirt, base layer shirt.

Just the Facts:

The Llano long sleeve crew is a first layer shirt for any hunting situation. This shirt can be worn just as easily on a September elk stalk in the Rocky Mountains. Foundation layer shirt meant for use in high temperatures, down to low temperatures.


  • 17.5 micron superfine Merino wool – the most comfortable wool available
  • Lightweight 170 gram interlock fabric
  • Next to skin
  • Machine washable and EXCLUSIVE dryable


I have used the Llano shirt on a number of recent outings: Bow Hunting in Utah, Elk Hunting is Utah, and most recently Bighorn Sheep hunting in Idaho.

During these hunting outings I have experienced temperatures ranging from a high of 85 F, down to 25 F.

So, very hot down to kinda cold.

I found the shirt to perform perfectly in all of these conditions. In the heat it wicked moisture away from my body very well, and kept the air flowing to my body. The shirt is even more impressive, due to its ability to NOT stink. I simply hung the shirt up to dry, and never had any sweat odor that remained.

In the cooler weather the shirt performed equally well, it kept me insulated, felt comfortable, and performed well as a base layer.

The shirt is made nearly perfectly. The material is comfortable, soft, and high quality. The sticking on the product is a thing of beauty.

This is a shirt we highly recommend.

Way to go First Lite.

What they could do better:


First Lite Llano base layer Merino Wool shirt Review
  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability


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