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Basic Description:
The FIRST LITE CORRUGATE Guide Pant is a lightweight, very breathable, durable hunting pant. Featuring various camouflage patterns or solid colors on its unique Duraflex nylon fabric that was inspired from rock climbing and mountaineering. Constructed around a simple design the Corrugate Pant provides uninhibited freedom of movement for hunters while providing easy access to storage with their 3D double cargo pockets. Designed with both belt and suspender loops as well as a DWR finish to keep you dry out on the mountain during rain showers or thunderstorms, the Corrugate Guide pant provides hunters with a complete all day hunting pant.

Just The Facts – Technical Specifications

 Lightweight, breathable, durable nylon fabric for use in all but the most extreme conditions
 Built-in stretch for complete range of motion
 Durable Water Repellent finish for all weather capability
 3D double cargo pockets
 All zippers, pockets, closures and adjustments quietly managed on-the-move
 Material: DuraFlex with 37.5 Technology
 Primary Usage: Spot & Stalk, Tree Stand, Upland, Fishing, Fishing, Tactical/LE, Hiking, Casual
 Region: Midwest, Northeast, Pacific northwest, BC/Alaska, Southwest, Intermountain/Rockies
 Temperature Ranges: 45F – 60F, 60F – 80F, Above – 80F

Sizing Chart:


As the company grew, Scott and Kenton again drew. After extensive R&D, they settled on partnering with 37.5 by Cocona. The fabric company produces a truly game changing technology that breathes better than anything on the market and also provides unparalleled protection from the elements. Additionally, 37.5 is no stranger to apparel brands and also works with notable company’s such as Adidas, Carhartt, Rabb, Billabong and Salomon. With the addition of outwear that could be put up against any in the wider outdoor industry, First Lite began producing a complete system for sportsmen who demanded the highest quality apparel for the most extreme conditions.



FIRST LITE was founded in Ketchum, ID a small mountain town located in the Wood River Valley of Central Idaho by Scott Robinson and Kenton Carruth who had a strong background in the outdoors industry to design effective synthetic outerwear for hunters?
Defining themselves as hunter’s first, business people second, First Lite constantly strives to integrate their passion into the product created. First Lite strives to be a fully authentic brand and encourages employees to take off to go hunting each fall. Indeed, sometimes the office seems a bit empty during the season. The lifestyles of our employees infuse every aspect of our company, from product design to social media marketing. Thus in order to be an authentic hunting lifestyle brand, it is absolutely critical that our employees get out and hunt. Most get upwards of 40 days in each year and that’s the way it should be.
This commitment is also reflected in our physical workspace. In addition to the desks and computers of the main floor, FLHQ features an arrow fletching and bullet reloading bench, a partial mechanic garage, a fully stocked bar, four game freezers, and two crowded gun safes.


I decided that First Lite’s Corrugate Guide Pant might be a great choice for some of my adventures out on the mountain during my spring shed antler trips, for those crisp fall mornings on the desert while guiding hunters for big rams or as a lightweight, breathable pant on hotter excursions. I was also intriqued with the ASAT camo color and solids. Although I’m a huge fan of Merino Wool I was willing to try out First Lites DuraFlex with 37.5 Technology nylon Corrugate Guide Pant in my personal “trial by fire” field testing.

On several difficult early fall backpack scouting trips in hot weather I tested First Lites Corrugate Guide Pants in rugged desert terrain looking for desert rams as well as high Alpine conditions “in the bedrooms” of big billies and bulls! This pant was very comfortable in the heat as well as colder conditions in the early fall. Featured with belt and suspender loops I didn’t have an issue keeping these pants up with my physical frame using just the belt. I loved the “articulation” in the knees as these pants never restricted my movement in any way.
First Lite designed the Corrugate Guide Pants with a Duraflex nylon fabric. It is lightweight, yet stronger and more durable than a polyester material. I liked the fact that this nylon pant stretches while hiking in rugged terrain and does retain its initial shape but you do have to be very careful in how you dry the pants as heat can damage them. I also found out that velcro will stick to this fabric and can cause a few minor issues if you are not careful. The fact that the Corrugate Guide Pant will not stretch or shrink if cared for properly is a positive!

I found that the Guide Pants are durable but I did have to be very careful when bush wacking through brush, oak, etc, as the nylon Duraflex material can tear. I like to wear gaitors in this type of terrain to protect any pant that I’m wearing.

As a guide I appreciate the fact that the Corrugate Guides have been designed with 5 pockets, two of which are deep hand pockets in the front. I would preferred to have these pockets featuring zippers as the 3d cargo pockets and back pockets have since I’m always losing items when I’m glassing etc. Just above the cargo pocket is an additional pocket designed with an “enclosure” lid that works well. Nice. I do believe that First Lite could have designed the cargo pockets to be slightly deeper to secure and give you easy access to items such as your cell phone, GPS, etc.

The Corrugate Guide Pant is extremely comfortable, lightweight and breathable. I was very impressed with its water repelling features. This pant is much more durable than I expected. The solid colors can be worn stylishly and casually out in the public. I found that they do a great job of repelling water with their Durable Water Repellant treatment. Because this pant is relatively “thin” your knees can take a pounding if you are crawling in on a stalk while hunting or when you kneel a lot as I do when glassing for animals. I believe that First Lite should consider the addition of some reinforced kneepads in these pants. This would definitely add to their effectiveness.

First Lite’s Corrugate Guide Pant can be purchased from $150 to $170 dollars from various websites. I have also found that First Lite provides excellent customer service. I do recommend the purchase of this pant as it provides excellent options for hunting, hiking or casual wear.

First Lite Return Policy:

If a customer is not satisfied with their purchase First Lite will accept returns and exchanges within 30 days of purchase. In order to return a product, it cannot be used and must still have the tags attached. You must first obtain a Return Authorization Number before returning your product. Please be sure to ship the package with a carrier that can provide tracking and insurance. Typical turnaround time FOR RETURNS/EXCHANGES – with shipping – is about three (3) weeks, but may be longer during periods of high volume. For faster turnaround, please use an expedited shipping service (such as overnight or 2nd day). Expedited orders will receive priority processing whenever possible.
Please note that we cannot accept dirty or soiled exchanges. Please be sure the product is free of any dirt, stains, lint or pet hair.

First Lite Warranty Policy

First Lite’s offers a one year replacement/repair policy due to manufacturing defects. If you feel your First Lite product is defective please request a warranty “Return Authorization Number” below.

What They Could Do Better:

Personally, I would like to see First Lite reinforce the knee area. Perhaps they could integrate a knee pad. I would also prefer to see the cargo pants designed to be a little deeper. Overall, however, the Corrugate is very comfortable and functional.

  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability