Cabela’s Outfitter Series Medium Weight Sock Review


Editor: Mike


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They are constructed of 50% merino wool, 35% polypropylene, 13% stretch nylon and 2% Lycra®

I found the Cabela’s brand, outfitter series, outdoor socks at our local Cabela’s. The socks were in the closeout bin, so I snagged a pair for 4.99. When I first slipped the socks on, I was immediately impressed by the comfort and cushion.
I decided to wear the socks for 3 days straight, without changing them or washing them, ok kinda gross, but that is how it goes in the mountains. I wore them to work, on walks at night, and then on the third day I wore them on a good hike looking for shed antlers.
I was very pleased with the ability of these socks to hold up. Many times when a sock has sweat, and pressure present for a couple of days straight, they really loose their cushion. This pair of socks did not, they really held up well.
I then washed the socks, and repeated the 3 day test, once again they held up. NICE JOB.
If you are ever at Cabela’s, or online, check for these socks, if on sale, snag a couple. You will not be unhappy with the choice.
Just a good solid pair of socks.

What they could do better:
The base price is just a little high, get the price down

Cabela's Outfitter Series Medium Weight Sock Review "Editors Choice"
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