BadLands Shed Jacket Review

Editor: Utah Jake

Basic Description of Item

The Badlands, Shed Jacket is a 2 in 1 system. It has a very durable, waterproof outer shell and an extremely comfortable, moisture wicking fleece liner. Badlands is constantly working at developing new technologies to produce the best quality gear, and the Shed Jacket is a result of that effort. There’s only one way to put it… the Shed Jacket is AWESOME!! If you’re looking for the best… you just found it.


Just the Facts:

Waterproof breathable outer shell.
Removable fleece inner shell.
Waterproof Zippers.
Kevlar reinforced wear areas.
4-X Scent Containment™


There are so many options in the market today, that choosing what gear is best for you can be tough. Here are a few suggestions to help you narrow it down… here’s what I look for:

• It’s gotta WORK. We’ve all made the mistake of purchasing cheap gear to save a few bucks. Is it worth it? Well, I guess that depends whether you’re the type of hunter who escapes the elements or the kind that battles through them. It also depends on whether you want gear that will just keep you alive, or gear that will keep you comfortable in any circumstance. The weather during hunting season is unpredictable and unforgiving. You gotta be prepared for whatever Mother Nature sends your way!

• It’s gotta be COMFORTABLE. You know your gear is the bomb when you are stuck in the middle of a ferocious mountain storm and you’re not even fazed. I like the 2 in 1 style parka with a soft fleece liner with the tough, durable outer shell. You can use them together for cold weather hunts or just use the shell in the early season hunts. I’m a bow hunter so it’s important for me to have my jacket fit properly. It can’t be bulky or baggy. It’s gotta fit.

• It’s gotta be AFFORDABLE. Because I spend a significant amount of time in the mountains year round I cannot settle for cheap gear. Just being able to survive isn’t good enough for me. I want to be comfortable while I’m in the field. I spend time in the mountains because I love it, and there’s no point in being out there if you’re not able to enjoy it. That being said, I am also a blue collar working man and I have limited funds. I want the best I can get without breaking the bank.

Does the BadLands Shed Jacket match up to my criteria? YES

It’s quality gear. It does a fantastic job of protecting you from the rain and snow, while still allowing your body to breathe. Every zipper is waterproof. I trudged through some thick, nasty brush and the outer shell proved to be durable and waterproof all day long. In harsh conditions, I stayed warm and dry.
I used the Shed Jacket this fall and winter on several Mountain Lion Hunts, scouting for late season elk, and just doing some hiking in NASTY cold Utah weather.


It’s so comfortable that I wear it even when I’m in town. Not only does the inner fleece liner feel amazing against your skin, it fits your body like a glove. It doesn’t restrict movement whatsoever.
Badlands gear is not cheap; in fact it’s pretty expensive. However, compared to other brands of equal quality you literally save hundreds. Why is that? because you get more than just an outer jacket, you get a system that works all year round! It’s built to last, and it will keep you cozy in extreme conditions.

The final deciding factor for me is that the Shed Jacket comes in Realtree Xtra camo. That way you’re not forced to buy a pair of Badlands pants just to match your Badlands jacket. Most of my clothing and gear is Realtree camo, so the Badlands Shed Jacket blends well with all of the clothing and gear I already own.

This jacket just did what I wanted it to do, and did it for all of my hunting needs and wants!
Nice work BadLands.

What they could do better:
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BadLands Shed Jacket Review
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