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BadLands Longitude Base Layer Clothing Review
Pants and Shirt combo

Editor: Utah Jake

Basic Description of Item:

Low impact, base layer, hunting clothes. Items have ability to wick and keep warm. Great for replacement of other types of Thermal wear.
Made of high tech bamboo based fabric, these clothes have the ability to wick, keep warm, and eliminate odor. AWESOME!

Just the Facts:

The Material:
The Badlands® Bio-thermic™ base layer pulls moisture away from your body, helping to regulate your core temperature. It is made from a multi-stretch polyester, which allows a full anatomical range of motion resulting in a chronically comfortable base. The fabric we use has been impregnated with the most effective anti-microbial system available. It reduces funk and adds to the life of the garment.
BadLands Uses a technique they call Bio-Mapping they determine the areas where the human body sweats and produces the most odor. In these key locations they use Bamboo fabrics, Bamboo has an incredible ability to kill bacteria and absorb odors.When converted into fabrics, these organic materials also produce some of the softest, best wicking, environmentally friendly textiles known to man

The Warranty:
Packs, are totally warrantied against about everything! WOW.
The clothing is also a no hassle warranty, if there is a defect or problem they will take care of it.
I have personably used the warranty and have been thrilled!

The Story:

We obtained the BadLands base layer clothing in September of this year. We then laid out the plan to test the clothing on several back country hunts and hikes.
The first test came as we braved the Utah October weather…COLD in the early morning and late night, and quite warm in the midday. In this environment, a person can be cold with lots of clothes on early, only to be baking in the sun 3 hours later. A great test for a base layer!
We spent 3 days hiking and hunting Utah in these conditions, 25 early in the morning, then up to 55 and bright sun mid day.
Here are the key things we learned on the first backpacking / Hunting Trip in Utah:

-The clothing fits like a glove, an invisible glove!  We literally felt like the clothing, when on, was almost un-noticeable.
-The warmth was fantastic! The material seems to lock in the warmth of our body and kept us nice and toasty with the base layer, a light shirt and a light jacket.
-The base layer got the moisture OFF of our body! Wicking is vital, and there is no way to hike, sit, and hike while keeping warm without wicking of the moisture off the body….WELLL DONE!

Next up, we headed to Idaho in the Bitter cold. It went down to 0 at night, and only 25 during the day. It snowed, blew and was bitterly cold the entire trip.
We absolutely needed a base layer that performed, and kept us warm!
How did the Badlands Longitude hold up and perform…one word, FANTASTIC!

On the Idaho trip we noticed several significant things about the BadLands Longitude:

-Once again it fit like a glove, and was not noticeable.
-It kept us warm warm warm, we even used the clothing at night after a long day, it worked well in the sleeping bad, and was moisture free even after a day of hiking.
-It did not retain smell. Pretty cool! The clothing even after a couple days of use smelt new, and did not stink of sweat and use.

After days and days of use in temperatures ranging from ZERO to 75 degrees we have come to a couple of conclusions regarding the BadLands Base Layer:
-It works!
-It is warm
-It wicks
-It is a critical piece of clothing equipment that adds to the comfort of any outdoor activity.
WELL DONE Badlands!

What they could do better:
They nailed it.
Do some work on getting the price down.

Badlands Longitude Base Layer Clothing Review
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