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Basic Description of Item:
Lightweight, Breathable, Packable Rain Gear by BadLands.

Just the Facts:
Comes in all sizes, full retail $199

So, we’ve kept you dry with the base layer, and retained your body heat with some gnarly insulation. However, there are three parts to obtaining functional fusion; the third is to keep out the cold. Although, this may sound obvious it is far more difficult than you may expect. It is actually three challenges in one. We conquer each one of these through the use of several unique materials which stop the wind and rain, and allow moisture to “vapor out” through a microporus membrane.

Dupont Teflon is simply the highest quality water repellent money can buy. This translates into keeping you warm and dry in the best manner available.

There are few things more exhilarating than being up in the mountains in the fall. Especially those early mornings when the leaves have started to change and the air is crisp; it’s one of God’s gifts to outdoor enthusiasts! Like many of you, I have learned the hard way that the two most important factors in ensuring you have an enjoyable hunt are taking good care of your feet, and staying dry.
If you don’t believe me… you’ve never been on top of a mountain five miles from your truck freezing your butt off in a torrential down poor with sore feet. I have many, many memories of miserable hunting adventures. Days spent soaking wet, cold, and sore. Over the past few years technology has improved exponentially, and along with it so has our gear.
Thanks to Badlands Exo Raingear, my days of being cold and wet are OVER!!

When I’m picking out raingear there are 6 things I am looking for. I want something that is:
1. Lightweight
2. Takes up minimal space in my pack
3. Breathable
4. Comfortable
5. Effective
6. Affordable

The Badlands Exo Raingear weighs next to nothing. If you’re worried about that extra weight of Rain Gear in your pack worry no more. It’s so light you won’t even know it’s in your pack. It compacts down so that it hardly takes up any room at all. I have a couple small stuff sacks about the size of 24 oz water bottles that I roll it up and keep it in when it’s in my pack. (Just remember to take it out and hang it up when you get home to extend the life of your gear).You never know what you’re going to run into in the mountains so it’s always better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it!!
The Exo Raingear consists of a 2-layer breathable membrane. The inner layer consists of a micro porous membrane that allows moisture from your body to escape, while keeping the elements out. The outer layer is treated with DUPONT TEFLON DWR, increasing the performance even further. Not only is the EXO Raingear completely waterproof, it also contains their patented SRS, scent reduction system. This is impregnated deep into the fiber of the fabric, allowing it to kill odor causing microbes! If you’re getting too warm, there are zippered vents that allow even more of your body heat to escape.
I’m telling you, I’ve hiked in cheap plastic raingear before, and the condensation from my body caused more moisture than the rain did. The EXO Raingear really works! It allows the condensation from your body to escape while protecting you from the rain and snow. I hiked for 2 hours in a torrential downpour during this year’s archery elk hunt and not only did I stay completely dry… I was COMFORTABLE!
The EXO Raingear is designed to fit like a glove… and that’s no joke. The jacket allows complete range of motion in your arms, and the pant allows total freedom while you’re hiking. That is more than I can say for most other types of raingear I have used in the past. You know you’ve got something good when you forget you are even wearing it. It truly fits like clothing should fit. If you are a bow hunter you’ll love the fact that the sleeves do not interfere with your bow string.
I put the EXO Raingear to the test during the hunting season this past year, and it passed with flying colors. It was lightweight, compact-able, VERY breathable, incredibly comfortable, and TOTALLY effective. I spent hours in pouring rain and stayed dry. I hiked miles and did not overheat. The waterproof zippers worked flawlessly, and when I got a little warm I just opened the vents to allow the heat to escape. The EXO Raingear works even better if you combine it with their Latitude and Longitude base layers… but that’s another story.
The only thing left to consider is the price. The pants and jacket sell for around $199 each, which may seem a little steep, but the price is very competitive with other top hunting clothing brands. I guess the old phrase “you get what you pay for” comes into play here. They’re not cheap, but you’re not getting a cheap product. You are paying for quality… and you are getting quality. Once you put this product to the test, you won’t regret your investment.
I absolutely give the EXO Raingear my stamp of approval. I wish they were a little less expensive, but when the elk are bugling in the pouring rain, and everyone with lesser raingear is confined to shelter, I’ll be out sneaking through the trees, completely dry, completely comfortable, completely satisfied!

What they could do better:
-Get the word out
-Work on that price

BadLands Exo Rain Gear Review
  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability

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