8K Flexwarm Heated Jacket

Editors: Johnny LeMaster & Angela Smart

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Just The Facts:


Our 8K Black Heated Jacket for Men combines contemporary design, unrivaled quality and revolutionary Flexwarm® heating technology to create a lightweight and stylish jacket that can be worn in any weather. Our heated jackets can reach temperatures of up to 50°c (122°f) in just 360 seconds, providing perfect warmth in any weather conditions.


Flexwarm® technology is unlike any heating technology on earth. So thin it can be printed and layered onto fabric, by harnessing the groundbreaking power of Flexwarm® our 8K jackets can be ultra-lightweight, durable and safely washable without the need for bulky insulation.

Traditional carbon fibre heating methods contain thick, sparse wires, making them prone to cold spots – Flexwarm® patented technology offers unbeatable warmth and protection by distributing heat evenly throughout the fabric, heating faster, more efficiently and eliminating cold spots.

Our Powered by Flexwarm® app allows precise control of 3 unique heating zones, so you can set your ideal temperature every time from the palm of your hand, wherever you are.


Our 8K Black Heated Jacket for Men has been designed to provide the perfect fit, ergonomically aligned to the contours of your body. Ribbed cuffs and a hidden bottom drawstring keep the heat in and the elements out, even when the jacket isn’t powered. A 2-way locking zipper allows you to adjust your comfort level with practicality & style.

A discreet, zippable power-pocket provides the perfect home for the included lightweight powerbank, and also acts as a place to keep your valuables safe while you’re conquering city streets, wandering the wilderness or traversing rugged terrains.

Two hands warmer pockets provide essential warmth, when you need it.

Johnny’s Story:

When I first laid eyes on the 8K Flexwarm Heated Jacket I was very intrigued.  Here was a product that appeared to be a game changer for enjoying my favorite time of the year.  I love being in the outdoors, and a great deal of the activities I enjoy the most immensely are done during the coldest parts of the year.  8K Flexwarm Heated Jackets are designed to keep you warm while minimizing the bulk to help you move freely and comfortably when bundled up.  While working with 8k, I let them know we have female and male editors that were all very excited about their products.  They were very happy to have the opportunity to have the two very different perspectives and insights.  I immediately contacted a fellow editor and asked her if she wanted to review the 8k Flexwarm Jacket.   Angela didn’t take any time to think about it.  She knew immediately that this was something she had to get her hands on.  I was very excited to try this product out myself, and I can tell you it did not disappoint.  The 8K Flexwarm Heated Jacket has become one of my most utilized outer layers for most conditions.

When the jacket first arrived in early December, I was so excited to try it out.  I pulled out the included power bank, and immediately plugged in the charger so I could see what the jacket could do.  I pulled the jacket out of the packaging and tried it on.  I am not a small framed guy, I typically wear between a large, or extra-large depending on the maker.  I ordered an extra-large in the 8k Heated jacket.  The jacket overall fit great.  The only thing that I noticed immediately was that the jacket was a little snug in the shoulder/chest area, specifically where the pectoralis meets the armpit.  I felt that my movement was a little restricted and honestly gave me some concern that this would not allow me to wear this coat while doing any activity that would make you have to raise your arms to chest level or above.  I wore the jacket daily for a few weeks before I began to hardly notice the snugness in the chest area, and honestly, I have not felt impaired by the snugness in any activity.

As described on the site, the jacket is an athletic snug fit.  8k hit it right on the head when advising you go a size larger.  Going with the extra-large was perfect for me.  I won’t lie a size larger would most likely eliminate the snugness in the chest area, and would give me a little extra room, as there is not a lot of room for base layers under the jacket.  With that being said, there is not a need for extra base layers.  8K utilizes the patented Flexwarm heating technology in their jackets that is incredibly thin and is printed in layers on the fabric within the jacket.  8k has 3 heating zones in the jacket, one on the back, and one on either side of the zipper in the front.  Depending on your preference you can turn on the front, back or both at the same time, and the jacket comes with three preset heat levels.  The heat levels can be adjusted and fined tuned by using your smart phone and downloading the Powered By Flexwarm app.  Let me tell you that being able to adjust the temperature and regions is incredible.  I find myself changing the regions and settings often throughout my different activities.  When I first jump in my truck in the morning I have both the front and back going on high.  After sitting down for a few minutes the back starts to get to warm as it is pressed between my back and the seat back.  I typically switch to just the front region, and a turn the heat settings down as my truck heats up during my commute.  Hunting water fowl out of a layout blind I am constantly changing the settings to meet the environment of the blind.  I am in love with the versatility of this jacket.  The jacket looks great while heading to the store or office, and comfortable and warm enough to wear when in the great outdoors where outside warmth is not an option.

After receiving the 8k jacket for testing I was a bit frustrated with the lack of cold weather.  I live in eastern Washington, and usually December and January are fairly cold months that would be ideal for testing a heated jacket.  This year we had the autumn that would never end.  We were perpetually getting highs in the 40’s and 50’s Fahrenheit.  We only had about one week during this time that it got down into the 20’s and stayed there.  I found that most of this time I didn’t even want to turn on the heating element in the jacket.  I was perfectly comfortable wearing the jacket, and a bit surprised by this due to how non-bulky it is.  Well this weather helped me to test the jacket in mild weather, but I didn’t think I could give it a true effort without spending some quality time in the cold.  Finally, in February Washington decided it wanted to give us winter.  The last few weeks have hardly had a moment above freezing and started to give me some truly wonderful weather to use the jacket in.  Wind and snow have become the norm, and the 8k Flexwarm heated jacket has been my outdoor companion.  Being outdoors in the cold weather had never been so comfortable.

 Angela’s Story:

If you are a person who is always cold or like me, has Raynaud’s phenomenon causing poor circulation, 8K Flexwarm heated jacket might be a great option for you. Trying to keep up with my active 6 year old son I needed something to keep me warm in the great outdoors when the temperature drops.  Being cold is not an excuse to keep us from enjoying our adventures.  The 8K Flexwarm heated jacket has helped me to stay outside longer and not miss the important moments in life. My 8K Flexwarm jacket has become my favorite jacket.

When another editor asked me if I wanted to test the 8K Flexwarm heated jacket I was interested to see if it could make a difference for me.  When I first received the jacked I didn’t think it was very comfortable. I wasn’t sure that this was a jacket that I would want to wear regardless of the Flexwarm heating.  It felt stiff, and a little restricting in the shoulder area.  After wearing it for about a week it felt like it relaxed and formed to my body.  The jacket has become very comfortable and doesn’t hold me back from playing with my son while enjoying the extra heat.  The 8K Flexwarm heated jacket is light weight, not too bulky and hugs your body.  Make sure you go a size up from what you would normally wear when ordering your 8k Flexwarm heated jacket.  I am 5’7” and 140 pounds.  I usually wear a size Medium but ordered a size Large and it fits me perfectly.

The black 8K jacket is stylish enough for me to wear to work in a professional environment, and comfortable enough to wear while doing chores around the farm, taking care of my horses.  It keeps me warm on the 10 minute walk in to the office, and while mucking stalls in 30 degree weather. The front heating elements on the jacket are perfectly positioned to create built in hand warmers.  I love that I can put my hands into the pockets and have them get warm within seconds.  Often times I find myself wearing it at my desk throughout the day to warm up.  The 8k Flexwarm heated jacket is a great all-around jacket for every occasion.

We finally got cold winter weather here.  The 8K Flexwarm heated jacket has been great at keeping me warm when the temperatures drop.  I wore it outside in 15 degree weather pulling my son on his sled in the snow, and building a snowman.  Afterwards I did chores breaking ice in the horses water troughs and fixing fencing lines.  My son and dogs even drug me along for a hike along the river.  Every adventure I’ve taken it on it kept me warm.

The jacket has heating elements in the front and back.  The elements can be turned on separately or at the same time, with three different heat settings.  I tested the front and back settings separately and together on low, medium and high.  I settled on my favorite being both front and back on, on the highest heat setting 50 degrees Celsius. The jacket makes it is easy to tell what heat and zone setting I have it on as the buttons light up in different colors for different zones, and heating. The heat settings are customizable.  I downloaded the ‘Powered by Flexwarm’ app on my phone, easily paired the jacket to it and changed the settings. The app was easy to use, however I preferred changing settings directly from the buttons on the jacket.  The power bank lasted 4 hours and 38 minutes with front and back stations  on, on the high temp.  Another great feature, the power bank comes with two USB ports.  One for the Flexwarm system, and one extra.  It was convenient being able to use the power bank to charge my phone in my pocket while staying warm at the same time. I love my 8K Flexwarm jacket.  It has become my favorite jacket for all occasions.


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What Can Be Done Better:

Overall, we would give this product 4.8 stars.  The only thing in my opinion that could be done better would be to provide slightly more room in the chest area.  This is still a very comfortable great product.

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