How many times have you been laying in a tent next to your partner and though “I sure wish we could have the comfort of our bed at home!” ZENBIVY wants that for you as well. So, they made the double bed to solve the issue.

Just the Facts:

Limit Rating: 25°F (-4°C)
Comfort Rating: 35° (2°C)

Weight (Quilt + Sheet)
40×72: 4 lb 8 oz (2.04 kg)
50×77: 4 lb 12 oz (2.15 kg)

Double Quilt Dimensions
One size: 81″ x 91″

Sheet Sizing
40×72 sheet fits (2) 20×72 mattresses
50×77 sheet fits (2) 25×77 mattresses

Recommended Dry Sack size: 15L
Dry Sack and Compression Caps sold separately

Double Quilt Materials
Insulation: 800 fill-power HyperDRY™ fluorocarbon-free water-resistant 90/10 duck down
Shell: 20d Nylon Taffeta, coating-free, 380T, cire, fluorocarbon-free DWR, 36g/m2
Liner: 50d Polyester Pongee, coating-free, 300T, cire, 62g/m2

Luxe Sheet Double Materials
Insulation: 210g 1d/3d XD Synthetic
Fabric: 50d Polyester Pongee, coating-free, 300T, cire, 62g/m2

My Story:

Camping with my family is one of the great joys of my life. I try to get out as often as I can. We do all types of camping as they all have their place. Sometimes we are carrying out camp on our back and other times we are hiding in the comfort of our trailer. However, the most common type of camping we do is car camping. Meaning, we drive to a place and camp in a tent. This is arguably the most practical and affordable style of camping there is. There is one rule that holds true for all of these styles though and that is the need for quality gear.

I have come to be some type of sleeping bag snob in the last few years. This is mostly to do with the fact that I am afforded the opportunity to test the best the market has to offer. So, when I start throwing names around, I cannot leave a conversation without mentioning ZENBIVY. I have had the great pleasure of testing out many of their products and the common theme I find is an overwhelming satisfaction with everything I have tried. When I was given the chance to check out the new Double Bed I was really excited. I mean, what couple does not what to have a sweet bed while out camping? Or sometimes when space allows it is super nice to have the extra room for a wonderful night sleep.

The Double Bed comes with the top quilt, bottom sheet and a mesh packing bag. It packs down to about the size of a standard pillow but can be paired with a ZENBIVY compression sack to be even more packable. Weight wise, there are two options available that meet the needs for most camping situations. Lastly, ZENBIVY has mattress options to fit the Double Bed ranging in sizes and thickness. The main takeaway here is that you have options, so many options, to make the bed you deserve.

The Double bed showed up and my wife and I set it up in the living room. We were only intending to look it over but soon enough we were laying down and soon after that we were snuggled up and half asleep. Our daughters came in and reminded us we had things to do so, begrudged we sat up and got back to the daily grind.

Our real test came when we took a family trip to Wallowa Lake in Oregon. This is a family favorite of ours as it is only a few hours a way and it is a wonderfully beautiful place to spend time with family and nature. When we arrived, things went as usual. Mom and I set most of camp up while the girls ran around only half helping and mostly playing.

First I needed to inflate the sleeping pads. This is done by way of a handy little pump sack that comes with each pad.

Getting things ready.

Once connected to the pad you simply open the bag. I find it faster to blow a little air into the bag to help it open up.

Next you roll the top and push the air into the pad.

Once the pads are inflated it is time to put the bottom sheet down. Each pad fits into the sheet and is secured by retention straps.

Once you have the bottom sheet on you simply lay out the top quilt and attach the hook/loop points to secure the two together.

That is pretty much all there is to it. It is fast and simple to set up just like all camping gear should be. I mean, you cam to enjoy the outdoors not spend half a day setting up camp right? ZENBIVY has produced some of the most convenient and comfortable camping sleep equipment on the market. I almost use my ZENBIVY products exclusively when backpacking, car camping, and even couch surfing. ZENBIVY is becoming synonymous with quality and that is no small accomplishment. Check them out I’m sure you will be happy with what you get!


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What can be done better?

I was going to say that the smaller and far thinner mattress might not be perfect for everyone but ZENBIVY has already come out with other options that should fit any need. So, nothing. This is a stand out product.

ZENBIVY Double Bed
  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability

Camping bed for two!

How many times have you been laying in a tent next to your partner and though “I sure wish we could have the comfort of our bed at home!” ZENBIVY wants that for you as well. So, they made the double bed to solve the issue.