Hilleberg Anjan 3 Tent

Basic Description:

A lightweight 3 man 3 season tunnel tent, which gives you ample room for sleeping and stowing gear. This tent utilizes their Kerlon 1000 fabric and 9mm Dac aluminum poles. This is a dual wall tent with a large mesh door for ventilation and would be a perfect choice for any backcountry hunter duo for any western hunt!

Just the Facts:

– 4 lbs 4 oz packed weight. (My trail weight was 3 lbs 12 oz)
– Just under 37 sq feet with a 15 sq foot vestibule.
– Kerlon 1200 fabric. (Although this tent is called a 3 season this fabric is way stronger than traditional sil nylon)
– Has a mesh inner option that can be added during hot summer months and would be great for scouting trips.


I recently used this tent on a weeklong elk hunt. It utilizes Kerlon 1000 fabric which has a tear strength of just over 22 lbs compared to their 4 season Kerlon 1200 fabric which has a tear strength of 26.5 lbs. Both of these fabrics is a lot stronger than a typical sil nylon tent. After this trip, which had no weather to speak of I tried to figure out what made Hilleberg classify this tent as a 3 season tent. Besides the slightly less durable fabric the only thing I could think of was that the rain fly doesn’t come all the way to the ground and the tri pegs they supply are not as big as the V pegs supplied in the Nallo series of tents. I understand that not having the fly go all the way to the ground could allow snow drift to get into the inner part of the tent and the pegs were not as strong. But in my humble opinion I would not consider this tent a 3 season tent when comparing all other 3 season tents. I have to call this a 3+ season tent and apart from maybe bringing different pegs I would have no issue using this tent in a mild 4 season setting. That is why I like this tent so much for western hunters. It saves over a pound from its big brother the Nallo 3 but would still perform well in a late season high country mule deer or sheep hunt. I have not used this tent in snow but hopefully this winter I can take it out and see how it does. If you were to take it in the snow I would recommend different pegs and if there is already snow on the ground I would build it up around the base of the tent to prevent snow drift.

I should mention that this tent is perfect for two guys and a palace for one. I would not recommend using it on a weeklong backpack hunt with 3 guys if you like having any gear in the tent with you. Yes you can sleep 3 guys in the tent but you better be best friends because there is no wiggle room with 3 guys.

The thing I liked most about this tent is compared to other UL 3 man tents on the market it is right with them in the weight department but will take significantly more weather. My trail weight is very low for a tent of this size and strength. Most UL tents have a mesh inner as where the Anjan 3 has a partial mesh door and a water resistant interior instead of mesh. Now the only downside I could think of is in the summer it got a little hot during the day, but always cooled down at night. But if you are someone that likes to take a nap in your tent mid day or likes a mesh inner you are in luck. Hilleberg sells a mesh inner you can use instead.

Overall this is my top choice for a 3+ season traditional style tent. If you are looking for a dual wall tent, for all your hunting needs and weight and room is a priority I would look no further than the Anjan 3. If you are a hunter who does a mixture of solo hunting and hunting with a buddy I would recommend this. I would have no issues carrying this tent on solo missions.

What they could do better:

I honestly cannot think of anything they could improve with this tent. If I were to be really picky I would say it could be about 6 inches longer. If you are over 6’4” you will be touching the end of the tent with your sleeping bag. Again this is a minor detail and one that is not an issue unless you are really tall.

Hilleberg Anjan 3 Tent Review
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