SurvivalHax Self Inflating Sleeping Pad Review

Editor: Mike

Basic Description of Item:
• COMFORTABLE – Adjust your desired softness level by allowing air through the twist valve. Great for sleeping or sitting on hard ground. 70.8” x 19.6”
• AUTO INFLATE – No messing with pumps or lumpy pads that bunch up. Simply unscrew the valve, let the air in, and close it back up.
• COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT – Our Sleeping Pad weighs less than 2 pounds – made from lightweight polyester pongee coated PVC and PU foam.
• EASY STORAGE – Roll up this sleeping pad and stuff it in your pack, the trunk of your car, or in your closet. It takes up less than a foot of space.
• SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – If you’re not 100% happy with your self-inflating sleeping pad, we’ll take it back!


Just the Facts:
• Length: 70.8”
• Width:19.6”
• Thickness: 1.6”
• Weight: 1.7 lbs
• Exterior: 75D polyester pongee coated PVC
• Interior: Polyurethane (PU Foam)

My Story:

A bad night sleep can ruin any kind of outdoor event. On a hunting, fishing, or a back packing trip, comfort at night, and the ability to get a good night sleep is critical.
In 2016 I went on an elk hunting trip, 2 of the nights we packed in. We spent night’s in back packing tents, light weight sleeping pads, and mummy bags. The first night of the trip I hardly slept at all. The pad I had chosen was noise, cold, and my body pushed through it to find the ground most of the night. YUCK.
I was excited to take possession of the Survival Hax Self Inflating sleeping pad. I could immediately see that the pad would keep me from pushing through to the ground when on my back or side. Sleeping on your side can easily cause your elbows, and hips to push to the ground and cause pain over the course of the night. This is not the case with the Survival Hax sleeping pad!
Call me a weirdo, (you would not be alone) but I always pull out a new sleeping pad the first night I get it, and spend hours laying in the living room. I just cannot wait to check them out. The pad passed this first test well, and I felt very comfortable laying on the floor watching the Bachelor. LOL
My next test, since I HATE to be cold on an outdoor trip is to try the pad in the cold. Utah has had a COLD winter of 2017, look it up. I took the pad outside and slept on my cement pad, with a -30 degree down bag on top of the SurvivalHax Sleeping pad. A pad that is not constructed well, or is just full of air will freeze you to death in the winter, even with a great sleeping bag. A good pad is a must in the winter.
Test number 2 was passed with flying colors, I stayed warm in the cold weather. Thus far it has kept me warm in cold weather, and comfortable watching the Bachelor.
Test number 3 came on several overnight trips in a camp trailer, and in a tent. I focused on comfort and ease of use. The sleeping pad kept me very comfortable, probably as comfortable as I have been on any $100 plus sleeping pad. It was also very easy to use. It can be set up by just opening the valve and letting it self-inflate, or you can blow in about 10 large breathes and get it completely full. I opted for completely full. Inflating it completely took about 30 seconds, and left me with plenty of breath for a good slumber
The pad was also very easy to deflate and put away. I opened the valve, folded it in half, and then rolled it up. The total time to deflate and put away was 30 seconds.

I have USED the SurvivalHax sleeping pad for a couple of months, and in a variety of conditions. In the cold, in small spaces on hard surfaces, in open spaces…It has performed well in each of these conditions.
I have found it to be easy to use, comfortable, and comparable to many pads that are twice as expensive.
Nicely done SurvivalHax, you have a winner, and we call it a buy!

What they could do better:
The weight of this pad is great for back packing, however it is a little large, just a LITTLE large not much.
We still found it to be exceptional, and well worth finding a little more space in your back pack.

Survivalhax sleeping pad
  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability