ROCUBOID Splicing Stove by OneTigris

Reviewer: Johnny LeMaster

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Just the Facts:

Why Choose OneTigris ROCUBOID Splicing Stove?

Once again a highly versatile piece of kit from ROC for bush crafters and fellow outdoorsmen to get dirty with. Constructed from premium quality #304 stainless steel, laser cut into perfection, this stove can be set up in multiple ways depending on your creativity and preference, and dismantled for easy carry like a folded treasure map. Note that it’s superior to ones seen on the market that are small, cheap, and rust easily, and this one has a nylon case to keep it protected when not in use. Use the ROCUBOID as a wood, alcohol or fuel tablet stove, windshield, Finnish/Swedish torch, or pair it up with a hanging camping pot turned to an outdoor oven. It’s a simple yet solid design that only takes a minute to set up. Get the ROCUBOID and get creative.


  • Premium #304 stainless steel construction of durability and high resistance to corrosion and rust
  • 72mm laser-cut pieces, 8 pieces per unit, quality and precision guaranteed for outdoor configurations
  • A plethora of ways to use for setting up as a wood/alcohol/fuel tablet stove, windshield, Swedish torch and so on
  • Can be used with a hanging camping pot as outdoor oven kit for baking bread and other delicacies
  • Weighs merely 18oz (511g) and packs up small (6”*6.5”*0.5”)
  • Folded – 6.1”(L)*6.5”(W)*0.4”(D)/15.5cm*16.5cm*1cm (Encased)
  • Setup – 4.7”(L)*4.7”(W)*6.7”(H)/12cm*12cm*17cm
  • Can be dismantled into separate pieces and stacked up for easy storage and efficient carry
  • Comes with coyote brown nylon casing

My Story:

If you are looking for another neat piece of gear to add to your collection that is highly versatile, compact, and tough check out the ROCUBOID Splicing Stove from OneTigris.  This stove is something that came be thrown under the seat of your truck or in a storage compartment on your boat that can easily be used in most environments.  If you need to heat up a meal, a hot cup of coffee or your hands the ROCUBOID is ready for your adventures.

The ROCUBOID showed up at my house and like any new piece of gear I immediately tore into the box and put it together to check it out.   Like most people I didn’t look at any directions or visit OneTigris web site see the best way to put it together.  I figured I was up for the challenge.  It’s a small collapsible stove it can’t be that difficult to set up right?!  I’ll be completely honest it took some work to figure out the best way to put it together the first time.  I could figure out how the pieces fit together and where they all went easy enough but trying to get the “shelves” inside the stove and get the outer pieces locked into place was a bit of a struggle.  After a few minutes and another set of hands helping to hold stuff in place I was able to get the stove together and sit back and admire it.  There are many options for how to put the stove together.

My plan from the beginning with this stove was to figure out how it would fit into my outdoor gear.  I think the overall versatility in configurations and usages of the stove is great.  This stove can be used in so many different ways that I knew it would be a valuable addition to my gear, the question was just in what way would I like it best.  I threw the stove in my truck ready for the next adventure that might come my way.

It was not long until I found myself heading up to the mountains with a buddy for a scouting day trip.  I grabbed the ROCUBOID splicing stove, a titanium cup and some tea and through it in my pack to be used on a break during the days hike.  The morning wore on and the miles begin to stack up.  We found ourselves next to a spring that had been built up to create a water hole for cattle and wild animals.  We sat down to rest a few minutes, so I pulled out the ROCUBOID Splicing stove and went to work putting together the puzzle.  Within a few minutes I had the stove put together in the configuration desired to heat some water for tea.  I scavenged around the immediate area collecting up some twigs, small sticks, and dried grass for fuel.  I wanted to use the base plate with air vent holes near the top of the stove to try to choke back the flames a little to keep ash and soot from getting in my cup of water.  The only issue with this is to initially load the stove with fuel I had to take off one of the outer walls, pack the inside of the stove with the fuel, and then put it back together.  Not the most convenient way to do things, but it worked and served its purpose.  Within a little bit I had a piping hot cup of tea to enjoy while taking in the mountain scenery.

The next chance I had to use the stove was during a bass fishing trip on my boat.  I threw the stove and a couple dehydrated meals in the boat in case we wanted to stop for a bite to eat.  As the sun got higher in the sky and the bite slowed down, we went exploring up the shoreline of the river in search of new fishing spots that showed some promise.  During our exploration we stopped in a deep cove to cool off for a bit.  I pulled out the ROCUBOID Splicing stove, gave my friend a few instructions on how to set it up, while I went about looking for some wood fuel to burn.  After a few minutes I had a pile of wood that was more than adequate for our needs.  I brought the wood back to the stove to find that although close, it wasn’t quite together yet.  With a little help we finished getting the stove together and the fire lit.  With the water heating over the flames we jumped in the river for a quick dip while waiting for the water to boil.  With this type of stove, you do have to be a little more patient when cooking.  The open flames from wood does not tend to heat things as quickly as a pocket gas fuel stove.  Not being in much of a hurry this was no matter to us.  We reloaded the stove with a few more sticks and went back to the water.  After a bit, the water was at a nice rolling boil, so we prepped our meals and dried off and filled our bellies.

The ROCUBOID Splicing stove 8 pieces, 4 outer structure pieces and 4 inner/top pieces.  The inner pieces can be put together in many varying configurations depending on what your desires are for the stove.  It can easily be set up to have direct flame on the cookware, or have the flames chocked back a bit for indirect heat.  The top pieces can be used, or not and can be set close or wide depending on the width of your cookware.  You can leave the top wide open and use the stove a small contained warming fire.   The uses and possibilities of this product are numerous.

With so many uses and a few small setbacks it took me a bit to figure out exactly where the stove fit into my world.  I can tell you I found a few spots where this stove fits very well.  The flat compact broken down stove packs nicely into small spaces and takes up very little room.  There are a few things that came into consideration on just how and when I planned to use this stove more.  Coming in at 18 oz, this stove is not heavy, but it does weight more than comparable products by other companies made of titanium or aluminum.  The stainless steal material does make this stove tough, and keeps the cost relatively low, but if you are an ultralight backpacker this stove is probably not what you are going to be taking deep into the back country.  Cooking with wood tends to be a bit slower than using a gas stove.  To get water boiling you will be at it a little bit longer than with other products.  Another thing to consider is the smell.  Cooking with an open wood fire definitely keeps the scent strong on the product for a few days after use.  After my first use of the stove I through it back under the seat of my truck only to come back the next morning and have to throw it in the bed as my whole truck smelled strongly of campfire.  These factors are not the end of the world as there are still so many versatile uses for the stove.

The niche where the ROCUBOID fits best in my life is on my boat.  I have a hunting/fishing boat that I get out on the water very frequently year-round to enjoy.  Having the ROCUBOID splicing stove is perfect for boat life.  It is very compact and easy to store in one of the compartments on board. The smell of campfire on an open-air boat is not an issue at all.  If you are out fishing and want to cook up some chow or your fresh catch you need only gather a few sticks and in minutes you are on your way to cooking.  If you are out during the colder winter months the ROCUBOID is perfect for holding a small warming fire while you are in the blind or out and about.  The ROCUBOID splicing stove has found a permanent home on my boat.  I am excited for the weather to cool off to use this product more.

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What Could Be Done Better:

This stove is a bit cumbersome to put together with on person.  A second set of hands is beneficial to hold pieces in place while setting it up.  (It does get a little easier to put together the more you do it.)

I would like to see it made of titanium or other lighter weight material.  It is heavier than other comparable products, and heavier than a gas pocket stove making it not as ideal for taking into the back country.

  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability