Klymit Cross Canyon 4 Person Tent

By Cory McLaughlin

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Just the Facts:

Cross Canyon 4 Person Tent

Rectangular freestanding tent design allows for multiple sleeping configurations

Innovative Cross Canyon Mat doubles as a roll style stuff sack and ensures clean work surface for tent set up and ease of repackaging

Aluminum poles create a robust and lightweight structure

Multi-anchor point front vestibule creates a spacious exterior storage area protected from wind and rain

Three overhead pockets and two corner pockets create unrivaled interior storage options

Fast fly capable


4 person

Season 3 Seasons

Pack Weight       10.7 lbs / 4.9 kg

Pack Size              20 x 9.5 in / 51 x 24 cm

Trail Weight        10 lbs / 4.9 kg

Fast Fly Weight 7.5 lbs / 3.4 kg

Floor Area           59 sq ft / 5.5 sq m

Floor Dimensions             100 x 86 in /  254 x 218 cm

Vestibule Area  2.8 (1.4 sq/m X 2) / 30 (15sq/ft X 2)

Peak Height        65 in / 165 cm

Pole Construction            Aluminum

Mesh Fabric       40D Polyester Mesh

Fly Fabric             68D Polyester Taffeta PU / 1800 mm WR coating

Floor Fabric        

75D Polyester PU / 3000 mm

Warranty             2 Years

My Story:

Just like many of you I love camping. I love being outside in the fresh air with nothing more than a thin piece of fabric between me and the elements. It is a very satisfying place to be and because I love it so much I am always trying to find new and innovative products that give me an excuse to get back out in the wilds. Klymit usually does a fantastic job of creating innovative products to do just that. So, when the Cross Canyon series of tents came out I was very excited to try one out.

I arranged for a Cross Canyon 4 Person tent to be sent as it fit my need for a family tent. I love all forms of camping from minimalist backpacking setups to car camping and RV’ing. I think it is fantastic that Klymit has a little something for everyone and I was eager to get this new tent out of the box and into the woods.

Timing is everything and though this COVID-19 pandemic was just starting to become a major concern things had not yet been shut down. I decided to take my family out to one of our favorite camping sites for a weekend of relaxation before the world shut down. We loaded our truck up and headed for the river.

At out campsite I found setup of the Cross Canyon was very simple. It is every bit as easy as any other two pole dome tent. The footprint provides some protection for the tub floor and after snapping the poles into the proper places and staking out the guylines I was ready to sit back and admire this handsome tent.

The Cross Canyon 4 Person Tent is meant for 4 people but only if you are all on personal mats or just sleeping on the ground. If you add a large air mattress this tent is best suited for 2 adults with gear. This worked out fine as we had the kids in their own tent at night. I only mention it here so that our readers know that the 4 person rating is only good if using personal sleeping pads.

The interior of the tent is roomy and the design is great. I love the 65’’ of peak height as it allows for semi-standing room while changing clothes. The top of the tent also has some really great storage netting that I feel is very useful and a fantastic design.

I almost always use the rain fly when setting up a tent. I have been slammed awake by pelting rain in the middle of the night far too many times to continue to make that mistake. The fly is typically necessary for any vestibule the tent might offer. The Cross Canyon Tents have a dual vestibule space that is offered by use of the fly. The fly also comes equipped with ventilation which is very helpful in reducing condensation.

That said, I do love that in the rare times I choose not to use the fly.  The Cross Canyon has a fantastic netting that will allow for 360 degree view of the wonderful outside world. So it is very tempting to leave the fly off so you can see the stars at night!

The Cross Canyon 4 Person Tent also has two doors that open all the way. This is useful for cleaning or chasing out the random fly that may have found it’s way inside.

I really like the storage bag as it also doubles as a door mat.  Unlike so many other tents you will not have to worry about the tent fitting back into the bag as Klymit made sure to allow for sufficient space for real-world storage.

 I used this great tent on two separate occasions and found it to be a fantastic addition to my family’s car camping kit. For $249 I think this is a great product that is on par with other tents that cost far more money. I would happily recommend this tent to family and friends.

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What could be done better?

I would like to see the stakes be a bit more robust. They are absolutely necessary for proper pitch and because of this it would be nice if they had a bit more girth. Other than that this tent functions as advertised and appears to be a high quality product from a great company.  

  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability