Kelty Noah’s Screen 12

Editor: Cory McLaughlin

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Just the Facts:

Say hello to your take-anywhere, screened- in “porch” to go! Don’t let the bugs and sun get in the way from having all the homey comforts outdoors. This screen gives you the protection to just enjoy the view. And it’s so simple to carry and set up – over a picnic table, between a couple of trees, or as a front porch for your car or RV. So who’s coming over? 


    • Corner zippers makes it simple to get in, and out
    • Mesh walls keep the bugs outside, or simply disappear when rolled and secured with the integrated toggles
    • Seam-taped tarp roof keeps you dry if it starts to drizzle 
    • Simple to pitch, even on uneven terrain 
    • Kelty Built steel poles and stakes for easy set up anywhere
    • Carry backpack makes it simple to take along with you wherever you go


    • Seasons: 3 season day use
    • Packaged weight: 16 lb 4 oz / 7.4 kg
    • Floor area: 144 ft2 / 13.4 m2
    • Packaged Dimensions: 27 x 12 x 8 in / 68.58 x 30.48 x 20.32 cm

Fly Fabric:
68D Polyester, 800 mm

My Story:

When you spend as much time outside as my family does you are sure to experience your fair share of bad weather, bad bugs, and hot sun. We have long wished for a way to protect ourselves from all of these things without having to break the bank or bring a multitude of shelters. Luckily for us Kelty created the Noah’s Screen 12. When I first saw this thing it was love at first sight and I knew that we had to have one.

It was 6AM in the middle of a city park the first time I set this screen up. My daughter’s team was playing in a softball tournament that day and I wanted to get a prime spot for the team to hang out while they waited for games to start. We needed shade and protection from the thunderstorms that were forecasted for the later afternoon and the Noah’s Screen was able to provide both! I was able to set this baby up all by myself and thought was a little bit of a pain it was manageable and it really was a great asset to us during this long day at the park.

Our next testing ground was a one of our favorite car camping spots. We try to take as many weekend or overnight trips as possible during the summer and this was a great place to test the screen. During our trip to the same area last year we battled hornets and huge black flies while trying to eat at our picnic table and I was very excited to set this up over the top of the table.

I had help setting the screen up this time and it went very quickly.

We spent the whole weekend with this screen set up over the table and it was fantastic! We had a place to eat and my wife and kids had a place to escape the mosquitoes which is always a welcomed accommodation for them as they all seem to be prime targets for the little vampires. My wife was ecstatic that she made it through the whole trip without a mosquito bite! My whole family was very impressed with the Noah’s Screen and it is not a staple in our camping gear. This is a real home run from KELTY.

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What can be done better?

The only thing that I think I would like to see is a bit more robust zipper. I did not have an issue with the zippers but they appear to the weak point of this great product. However, as of now, this thing has function flawlessly and I do not see a reason to change anything.


5 Stars.      



  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability