GSI Outdoors Escape HS 3 L Pot

By Cory McLaughlin

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Just the Facts:

For the longest time, the choice between silicone and metal pots was a choice between space and speed, between efficient packing and fuel efficiency, but with the EscapeHS line, collapsible pots finally grow up. Starting from an incredible, compacting footprint which saves 53% or more space in your backpack and adding a lightweight, crushproof, strainer lid with burn-preventing, silicone thumbpads, dual bail handles which lock the lid in place when traveling, handy, molded-in graduations and just the right amount of spare space to nest our other Escape tableware

items inside to build a complete, amazingly space-efficient set, these pots have been designed to cook, carry, combine and camp just like your favorite GSI Outdoors metal pots. But the real breakthroughs which lift the EscapeHS Pots above the pack come from the bottom up where the hard anodized base is built around an incredible, hyper-conducting heatsink which cooks 30% faster and saves 30% more fuel for even more space savings in your pack.

Collapsible design shrinks to 2.1″ (54 mm) high disc for effortless packability

Garnet-hard, non-reactive, hard anodized, heat sink base coated with Teflon® with Radiance Technology heats meals 30% faster while providing truly exceptional non-stick performance, even-heating and resistance to scratching and abrasion.

Integrated straining holes in the lightweight, hard-anodized lid make straining water simple while the silicone thumb pads insulate hands from the heat.

Molded in graduations for easy measuring and portioning

Dual bail handles make for easy handling and lock lid in place for transport

More Information
SKU 50233
Weight (lbs) 1.2500
Material Hard Anodized Aluminum, Nylon, Silicone
Major Dimension 3.2 qt.
Includes 3 L Collapsible Pot, Folding Handles, Strainer Lid
Dimensions 10.3 in x 9 in x 2.2

My Story:

One of my happiest places on earth is at my annual elk camp. In years past this has been a time of comradery and relaxation. Mornings and nights are filled with huge meals which are often better than what I eat at home. Elk camp is just a time to get back to nature and to enjoy some great food. I was really excited to get to my special place and to test out some great new products from GSI Outdoors.

I rolled into camp with a pretty big list of items to review. GSI Outdoors products have long been a staple at my camps so I was really excited to add to my kit. I set up my new GSI Outdoors Selkirk 540 stove and set about making my first meal. I was cooking spaghetti and to do so I needed a good pot. Lucky for me I also had the GSI Outdoors Escape HS 3L Pot to test out. From the second I saw this pot at the summer Outdoor Retailer show I knew I needed to get one. I mean, it’s a multi-functional pot that collapses down for storage. How could you not want this thing?

I set the pot up by pulling on the top and bottom while expanding the collapsible silicon walls. I went from having what looked to be a plate like item into having a nice 3L pot ready to boil up some water for pasta. In addition to it’s transformer like qualities this pot looks awesome and was certainly a talking point around the fire.

As any good mountain camper knows, it takes a bit more time to cook things while at elevation. It’s not that the boiling point of water is higher, in fact it the opposite, and the lower boiling point makes cooking take a bit longer. The Escape HS pot can’t do much to fix that but it can get the water boiling in record time due to its base being equipped with Radiance Technology which heats food 30% faster than traditional pots. It is also coated with Teflon so there is little worry of food being stuck to the bottom of the pan.

Another great feature of this pot is that it has a built in strainer in the lid. This is useful for cooking things like pasta or potatoes. I love that this feature is built in as it eliminates the need for a strainer and saves space. The GSI Outdoors Escape HS 3L pot is like having a whole cupboard all in one. You want a frying pan? Just collapse the pot and it’s yours. You want a big pot? Expand the pot and you got it. You want a strainer? Latch the lid and boom you’re in business. There is not much in the way of cooking you cannot accomplish with this great product.

I cooked over a dozen meals in which I used the Escape HS 3L pot and I could not find a fault in it. I really think this is a homerun from GSI Outdoors and I would happily recommend this to any that ask.


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What can be done better?

If GSI would send me about 10 more that would be great LOL! Other than that I wouldn’t change a thing.


5 well cooked stars!


  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability