EcoSurvivor USB Lantern

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Just the facts:

Let the adventure seeking begin with the EcoSurvivor USB Lantern. The powerful LED will keep your path well lit during a hiking excursion or at the campsite after dark. Built for outdoor use, the lantern has a rugged, impact-resistant construction and rubberized gray finish, along with a locking carabiner handle for carrying or easy hanging. In case of emergency, the lantern comes equipped with a standard USB port to charge your mobile device using the lantern’s battery power. The lantern offers high, medium and low settings with the ability to glow for up to 200 hours (on low) before battery replacement is needed. Don’t let the weather keep you inside — the IP54-rated lantern is built to protect against sand and dust, as well as rain and splashing water, allowing you to safely light your way even in severe weather conditions. Stand up to the elements with the EcoSurvivor USB Lantern.



  • 800 lumens
  • IP54 rating protects against sand, dust and splashing water
  • High, medium, low settings
  • Rubberized gray finish
  • 200-hour battery life on low
  • Rugged and weather resistant
  • 360° omnidirectional light
  • Requires 6 D batteries (not included)

When you buy EcoSurvivor products, you’re making a difference. EcoSurvivor donates 50% of its net proceeds to Water4, a 501(c)3 charity that is committed to providing at-risk, indigenous people access to clean water. Your EcoSurvivor purchase helps their mission of eliminating the world water crisis that impacts nearly 1 billion people and causes over 3 million preventable deaths each year.


My Story:

I started using the EcoSurvivor USB lantern in a ski-area dorm room. The adjustable light settings were perfect for keeping my bunk lit and the rest of the room dark so my roommates could get some sleep before a long day ski patrolling. I knew I needed to put the lantern to a real test though , so I made arrangements to take it on the ultimate adventure: underground into the lava tubes of Ape Caves.

Ape Caves is a 2.5 mile long lava tube at the base of Mt. St. Helens in Washington state. Mere feet beyond the entrance, it becomes pitch black and you have to navigate by artificial light for the next several hours. It is slow going with a lot of navigating uneven ground and scrambling over piles of lava rock.

Switching from headlamps to the EcoSurvivor USB Lantern was supposed to be a temporary experiment , but instead the lantern worked so well and we had so much fun exploring by lantern light that I carried it the rest of the way through the cave.

The three adjustable light settings were perfect for changing how much of the area was illuminated. The rugged exterior was very appreciated in the underground conditions where low hanging cave walls and boulder piles makes for rough sections of travel. I will confess that I dropped the lantern at least twice, but it never flickered or faltered and aside from some minor scratches, it looks great! I played with different attachments, using carabiners to clip it in place, hanging it from a backpack strap, and even grabbing the handle with my teeth for one unexpected maneuver (also works, but not the most recommended method!) Overall I really liked this great light!


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What could be done better:

It’s a little large for taking out on adventures but is excellent for campsites or emergency lighting indoors. A smaller version for taking on backpacking adventures would be great!


5 Stars!

  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability