DuraFlame Outdoor

By Cory McLaughlin

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Just the Facts:

Duraflame® OUTDOOR firelogs are easier to light and create less smoke than regular wood. The 100% renewable logs are safe for roasting campfire foods like marshmallows and hot dogs, making them perfect to take along on camping trips and the centerpiece to warm any backyard gathering.

  • Available in a 3-log case for one fire, and a 6-log case for up to three fires  
  • Individually wrapped logs for clean handling and easy, no-hassle lighting
  • Made from 100% renewable resources
  • No trees are cut down to produce these logs
  • Compact — easy to transport and store
  • Ideal for any outdoor fire, including backyard fire pits, campsite fires and beach fires

Campfire Approved

Enjoy duraflame OUTDOOR Firelogs anywhere campfires are allowed.  These logs are not restricted like firewood for movement between state and park borders.

Compact & Efficient

Just three logs (9.6 lb) produce a fire for up to three hours, equivalent to a full bundle of firewood (about 16-20 lb), and produce 48% more heat energy per pound than regular wood.  Always start with two logs and add more logs to extend the burn.

My Story:

Who does not like a good campfire? I know me and my clan sure do. When I was asked to test out the duraflame Outdoor fire logs I was not overly excited. I love real wood and I have not had a great experience with flame logs in the past. But it’s 2020 and things have advanced so I was ready to give it a shot.

I had plenty of ideas about how to test this product but when the time came I I thought I best to just keep it simple. I used a small firepan that I had in my camping gear. We were o na camping trip over Easter weekend and my kids had been begging me to let them have their own fire. I decided that I had just the thing for the job.

The fire logs were a bit too big for the fire pan so I chopped them in half with an axe. After they were arranged I follow the instructions and lit the edges of the packaging. The fire slowly came to life and was soon a wonderful warming fire for the girls. I did notice the cracking and popping that was advertised and I thought that was pretty nice as it added to the realism and real wood feel.

I think the duraflame Outdoor logs are a great addition to a backyard fire or campground. It gives the light and the sound of a normal fire with a fraction of the smoke and hassle. If you are looking for overwhelming heat you are not going to get it from this product but it does provide a nice place to sit and visit. And yes, you can cook S’mores or hotdogs over it too!

I will certainly keep a box or two around for random car camping trips or simple backyard fires. I think it’s great that you can purchase these in boxes of 3 or 6 logs. Will you get 3 hours out of the logs? That is pretty situational but I think it would be safe to bank on 2-3 hours of burn time depending on the situation. We got 2 hours of fun before a rainstorm shut us down. The fire was pretty unimpressive prior to the rain though and might have been caused by cutting the logs in half. Either way it is still a pretty great product. One thing to be aware of is that the wrapper might not do the trick when trying to light the logs. So, be ready for that.


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What can be done better?

I would like the wrapper to be a bit more efficient at actually lighting the logs. I did struggle with this and had to use an alternate source to ignite the logs. Other than that I think this is a very fun and useful product.


I give these logs 4.5 starts and would move that up a touch if I the ignition had gone a bit smoother.




  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability