By Cory McLaughlin

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Just the Facts:

The Time Out provides a seating height of 30 cm and impresses with a folded size of 9 x 11 x 35 cm. Weighing in at just 860 g, it is the lightweight champion of LEKI’s folding equipment range.
Seat material 100% Polyamid
Kategorie Foldables
Foldables Features Easy set-up 
Flex Seat 
Rubber feet 
Cup holder
Construction Speed Fold (Chair)
Shaft material HTS 6.5 Aluminium
Length / Size Größe aufgebaut: 69 x 44 x 49 cm | Sitzhöhe: 30 cm 
Weight 860 g / Unit ohne Tasche & Getränkehalter
Pack size 9 x 11 x 35 cm
Hinweis Belastbarkeit: bis zu 145 kg (bei standardgemäßem Gebrauch)


My Story:

Have you ever hiked your butt off and finial made your camp only to find yourself sitting on the hard ground? Well I know I sure have and it’s always a disappointment. I have used logs, rocks, dirt mounds and just about anything else I could come up with to offer a comfortable resting spot but I am always left wanting. Not anymore! LEKI already has a great reputation for helping us outdoorsy folks enjoy what we love and the Timeout Chair is just another great addition to their already amazing product line.

I first used my Timeout Chair during my September archery season and while this was not a backpacking camp it was camp none-the-less and the need for a chair was real and immediate. I had set my tent up and needed a place to sit and ponder the days events. The Timeout gave me that place and the comfort was surprising. If I am honest I did not really expect to find much comfort in this compact chair but I was dead wrong.

The duration of camp was spent with me chasing others out of my cool new chair and by the end of it I was a huge fan of this chair. I had was sure that I would be giving it a good review but I had one last testing area to go before I could put my seal on it.

The backcountry of Idaho is one of my most favorite spots on this earth and my 2018 plan was to get way off the road and create a spike camp. I knew that I was going to be counting ounces and when I thought about taking a chair, I was unsure and I nearly talked myself out of it. I am sure glad I didn’t.

My tipi was set and my hunting adventure was in full swing. My new chair fit wonderfully in the tipi and gave me a great spot to sit while tending the titanium stove or just hanging out around the fire. I found that I used this chair both inside and outside my shelter and I was always happy to sit down.

My adventure was planned as a two part hunt with half being out of my spike camp and the other half of the hunt spent doing shorter hunts out of a base camp. The second part of my trip included long hours of sitting and glassing hillsides. In the past this was done from my butt on the cold hard ground but not anymore baby! The Timeout Chair provided an excellent and very comfortable seating area for glassing. I was comfortable and because of this I was able to glass for longer periods of time and to do so far more effectively. 

The Timeout also provided me comfort inside the wall tent which was a blessing after long hours of hiking. No matter where I lugged this great chair it always left me with a feeling of contentment. I freaking love this thing! The weight is very manageable when you calculate in the comfort you will gain. I would not use this for a huge thru-hike but I think it great for smaller hiking trips and even as a base camp chair. I also love that it it packs up so small. This chair would be great at concerts or picnics. The uses are endless and I really think that you will love this great product from a great company. Well done LEKI!


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What can be done better?

If they could put two chairs in one bag for the price of one that would be great! LOL I really like this great little chair. I will say that the chair is a little narrow so if you are a larger person you might need to upgrade to one of LEKI’s other great chairs. Overall this is a fantastic product! 

  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability