By Cory McLaughlin

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Just the Facts:

The Sub 1, Chiller and Breeze are compact, lightweight and comfortable folding chairs that do not need many numbers. What they need are campsites, festivals, beaches, river banks, bus stops, shooting stars, playgrounds, family trips, barbecue parties … and of course YOU!  Your new LEKI folding chair sets up and packs away in a snap and you sit so comfortably that you will think twice about getting up. Find your place!


Category Chairs
Chair Features Playful set-up
Flex Seat
Rubber Feet
Cup Holder
Seat Material 100% Polyester
Construction Speed Fold
Shaft Material HTS 6.5 Aluminium
Length/Size Chair dimensions: 69x44x49 cm | Seat height: 30 cm
Weight 940 grams
Pack size 14x12x33 cm
Hinweis Weight carrying capacity: up to 145 kg (by default use)










The folding XS Lite Table offers maximum convenience with extra light weight. With its small pack size of 16 x 43 x 14 cm and a weight of only 860 g, the XS Lite Table is the perfect companion for the road.


Category Accessories
Chair Features Playful set-up
Rubber Feet
Construction Speed Fold
Shaft Material HTS 6.5 Aluminium
Length/Size Table dimensions: 60×40 cm | Table height: 40 cm
Weight 860 g (1.9 lbs)
Pack size 16x14x43 cm

My Story:

Everybody needs a chair! I have found that as my children become more and more active with sports our need for portable chairs has become extremely important. The problem is that space, or rather limited space, as a wagon can only hold so much gear. So what options are out there? Well LEKI has a few you should certainly be considering such as the SUB1 chair and the Table XS Lite.

I have previous experience with LEKI’s collapsible chairs such as the TimeOut Chair as seen here: and as I knew how great a LEKI chair could be I was very excited to test out the SUB1 and Table XS Lite.

Softball season was in full swing and out oldest daughters team had 11 tournaments scheduled for the season. It was going to be a long summer and we were very excited to get out into the sun. My job as coach does not afford me much opportunity to sit down but my wife Heather has earned her strips sitting behind the backstop. She was the first to use the SUB1 and here are her thoughts

Heather’s thoughts:

“The SUB1 and Table XS Lite are everything I want in a portable setup. They are extremely easy to assemble and they weigh next to nothing compared to other folding style chairs and tables. Not that it has anything to do with the function but I LOVE the green color of the chair. Green is my favorite color so I was really excited when Cory pulled the chair out the first time.

Setting up the chair brought lots of attention as this style of chair is still pretty new to most people and a bit of a novelty. Each tournament we went to I typically found myself talking about the SUB1 and Table XS Lite to several people that were impressed by these great products.

We use the SUB1 and Table XS Lite during snack time, game time and even during out annual beach camping trip. The SUB1 is one of the most comfortable chairs I have ever used and I just love it. My girls love it too and we often have arguments over who gets to sit in the SUB1. The Table XS Lite is pretty simple as far as features go but it functions flawlessly and is a great addition to our camping and sports kit as it provides a great place to prepare food or hold drinks.

I think that the SUB1 and Table XS Lite are solid products that functions wonderfully. I have already recommended them to fellow softball moms and campers.”



So, as you can see Heather is a fan. I was able to plan my rear a few times in-between games and during a few camping trips and I have to say I was very impressed as well. The SUB1 and Table XS Lite are the perfect combo for light weight gear. I would not have any issue taking the SUB1 on a backpacking trip as I think the campfire comfort would be worth the minimal added weight of only 2lbs.

I will say that if you are a larger person you might have a bit of nervousness sitting in the SUB1. IT is rated for just over 300lbs so you should feel confident but the chair is subject to some movement that could make you a bit unsure. I am just under 200lbs and I have not been able to break the chair yet.

I think that the LEKI SUB1 Chair and the Table XS Lite are two very practical and well made products from a great company. You will not be disappointed.       

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What can be done better?

Cant find anything we would change at this point. Just a cool pair of products from a great company.

  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability