Zamberlan 996 VIOZ GTX® WNS

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Just the Facts:

DESCRIPTION Zamberlan’s best-selling boot for both men and women, the 996 Vioz GTX® is a tribute to Italian comfort, performance, and design. Discover why this is one of the best-reviewed boots in the outdoor industry worldwide!

Perfect for backcountry backpacking in rugged, steep terrain, the 996 Vioz GTX® features include:


▪ Zamberlan Hydrobloc® full-grain leather uppers with straightforward, clean and effective design for long-lasting durability and protection

▪ Exclusive Zamberlan Vibram® 3D outsoles designed to provide excellent grip, superb downhill braking, and an energy producing, rock-forward motion. Wide lugs are easy to clean

▪ Resolable with original factory Zamberlan Vibram® 3D outsoles

▪ Gore-Tex® Performance Comfort membranes provide the utmost waterproof protection and breathability and are guaranteed by Gore-Tex for the life of the boot

▪ Microtex® wicking nylon collar linings help control excess moisture around the ankle

▪ The ZFS (Zamberlan Flex System) allows the boot to very comfortably flex forward without compromising lateral support

▪ ZBPK Performance Fit last + ZLF Ladies Fit is renowned and exemplified in the 996 Vioz GTX® as the upper creates a visible curvature around the back of the heel and wraps comfortably over the top of the foot while leaving enough room in the toe box to wiggle toe (up to size 11). ZLF adaptations make this last a perfect fit for women

▪ Made in Italy  

UPPER Full Grain Waxed Leather With Hydrobloc® Treatment

THICKNESS 2,4mm – 2,6mm

LINING GORE-TEX Performance Comfort

INSOLE Flex 4mm + PE

MIDSOLE Low Density PU Wedge

OUTSOLE Zamberlan® Vibram® 3D

SIZE RANGE 6 – 10, 11

HALF PAIR WEIGHT 640 Gr (Misura/Size 39)

LAST ZBPK Performing Fit

My Story:

As a father I want the best for my daughter. I think this is true for most parents and for most of us we spend a considerable amount of time trying to make sure we provide quality gear for our kids. Sadly for those of us with daughters the pool is not near as deep as it is for boys. I understand supply and demand but it is frustrating when you are trying to get your little girl into a sport and you know that bad gear can be the cause of bad times. To mitigate this you search for the best gear you can find to help enhance the experience. I feel this is pretty universal but I can honestly only really speak for myself. When I had my daughter I decided right then that she was going to be my best partner in crime and we would have a lifetime of adventures together. I have maintained this attitude for the past 10 years and she is one of my most favorite people to be in the woods with.

When searching for boots I found it was a pretty large chore. It was nearly impossible when she was a small child and I’m not sure she ever wore a pair of boots that were not found in the boys section. As she grew into larger sizes, now a women’s size 6, I was excited to see that I could finally get her a pair of boots that are of high quality. The list is still significantly smaller than that of what men and boys have to choose from but it is nice to see that companies like Zamberlan have a line of women specific boots and shoes as we have to recognize that women’s and men’s feet and needs are different and thus require a specific boot. This is where the 996 VIOZ GTX WNS comes into play.

When choosing a boot for my daughter I needed to look at what her main needs would be and what we needed most. Gore-Tex, aggressive Vibram sole, solid leather upper, and the ZLF Ladies Fit were all characteristics that pulled us to this specific boot.

My daughter first tried on her 996 VIOZ in the comfort of our home. She was soon tromping up and down the basement stairs and all around the house trying to make sure the boots fit her. She had chosen these boots, as many people do, because she liked the way they looked. She told me they looked like they would be the perfect hunting and hiking boot for her and she was absolutely jazzed to see them sitting on her bed after they arrived. After about an hour of walking around the house and eventually the back yard she was ready to get into the field. Luckily we had a backpacking trip planned.

I think this is the appropriate time to add in her thoughts.


“I first got the boots in the summer of 2018! After wearing them around my house my first real test was a 10 mile hike in the Eagle Caps with my dad and sister. I had a blast and my feet were very happy the whole time. Hunting season was the next testing area.

Wearing the boots hunting was awesome they kept my feet comfy and warm on the 20 degree mornings and up to 40 degree days.  Overall they are awesome and amazing!! The boots keep my feet super comfy and work well at different temperatures. I think they are a perfect height for everything but deep snow.

I highly recommend these boots for anyone who loves hiking and hunting. They are great on all types of terrain and I really love these boots!”

As you can see she really liked these great boots. I cannot speak to their comfort but I can talk about how happy my daughter has been with them. Her happy feet allowed us to have some great adventures. From a fathers standpoint I have to back up what my daughter said and call these boots a major success. I have already recommended them to many of my friends for their daughters and wives. It’s safe to say we are a Zamberlan family! 


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