Salomon Mision

Salomon XR Mission CS

Editor: Cameron

Basic Description:

A great road/ trail running shoe. Has great grip for a variety of situations and terrain. Has their ClimashieldTM that adds some breathable water protection if the weather turns on you.

Just the Facts:

– Great breathability
– Protective TPU Toe Cap to keep your feet protected on the trails
– Has their excellent QuicklaceTM system, allows you to quickly lace up with a pull of the cord and unlace with a push of a button.


Hunting in September is a passion of mine. It is something I live for! During the summer months I spend hours and hours studying maps, getting new/better gear and scouting new areas. The one area that is easily overlooked is conditioning. It is the least fun part of preparing for a backpack hunt. Some guys ride bikes, hike and run. I find the later to be the best way to get your legs and lungs in shape for a grueling week long hunt. I have used a lot of different type of running shoes from various brands; some good and some are not so good. I decided to give Salomon a try; I never really considered them before just because of the price. The XR Mission CS is $130 retail. I have now come to realize where the difference in price comes from. So far the durability, comfort and features on these shoes have been really nice and better than any other running shoe I have tried before.

First off they are extremely light weight and breathe very well. They have quite a lot of mesh and venting along the shoe to help keep your feet dry and that helps keep you blister free. So far I have put 50+ miles on these shoes and they look new still. No part of the shoe is coming apart, no seams in the mesh or any part that is bonded together is coming apart; which is something I have had a problem with before. The lacing system is top notch and very easy and simple to use, it does not slip and the thin cordage does not dig into your foot like I thought it might. It is way better than tying knots and I will have a hard time using anything other than system in the future. The sole is great, has great traction and has a good amount of cushion to them as well. I have noticed my feet are less fatigued than normal; it could be because I am running more since I got these shoes or it could be because these shoes are just that much better. I suspect it is a bit of both.

I really like these shoes and have nothing bad to say about them, I have baby feet and tend to get hot spots and blisters very easily, so far so good with these shoes. I have used these shoes on trails once and they are just as good on the pavement as they are off. I will be using them off road more as the summer goes on, and will update you if this changes. I suspect the will last a very long time if you are just running on a track or on roads, and obviously trails are a different story. I will keep you posted.

What they could do better:

These shoes are expensive, but I think they are worth it. If you are serious about running or getting in shape for hunting the price you pay is well worth it in my opinion.

Salomon XR Mission CS Shoe Review
  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability


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