Rocky Lynx Waterproof Insulated Hunting Boot

Editor: John

Basic Description of item:

Mid heighth waterproof insulated hunting boot, camo and leather uppers.

Just the Facts:

▪Breathable mesh lining
▪Aggressive all-terrain Lynx outsole
▪Durably Waterproof and Breathable Gore-Tex Fabric
▪800 Gram Thinsulate® Ultra Insulation
▪Terra Suspension Footbed
▪Thick and comfortable EVA midsole


We have owned this pair of boots for several years. What I mean by “we” is this…My 17 year old son wears that same size of shoe that I do, and for the last 1.5 years he has been also wearing these boot on all of his hunting and hiking adventures. We both agree on the review that I am writing.

We love the weight of this boot, and found that for an insulated boot it seemed very light. It also gave great arch and ankle support. The moutains near our home are very steep and rocky, so ankle support is critical. We felt this boot provided that well.

The boot has maintained it’s waterproof nature for the entire time we have owned it. We have waded in shallow water, walked in mud, had wet grass on it for an entire day, and they stayed dry.

We found the boot to be comfortable to wear for long periods of time. The sole has lots of cushion and you can really tell. It keeps your foot protected from rocks and hard terrain. The sole padding really absorbs the shock. The sole also provides outstanding traction.

My  son really likes to snug the boot to his foot, far more than I do. He found that the lace system on this boot was outstanding, and was provided him with the ability to really tighten the boot. The laces have really held up well also, we have the original laces on the boots, and they still have the snubs on the end of the laces.

We have worn these boot OUT, the sole is now separating from the cushion portion of the sole, and it looks like it could not be fixed. So we are sad that my son’s first real pair of hunting boots are now gone. Oh well we will move on, and we might just buy another pair of Rockys. I believe this is a good boot, comfortable, pretty durable, truly waterproof, and decent looking. If you are a hard hiker and hunter, this boot will do it for you…but probably for only 3 years.

What they could do better:

If you look closely at the boot, you will see that the sole and the sole padding are separte, but attached with glue.

This is a weak point, the sole wants to separate.

Rocky Lynx Waterproof Insulated Hunting Boot Review
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